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How to make a perfect NYC moving checklist?

Moving somewhere new is always exciting, but most would say that packing isn’t as thrilling. It’s usually a boring and tedious project, especially if you are in a rush. That’s why we are here to help you with your relocation and we promise we can even make it simple for you. Before you start panicking about your move, read this article and follow our NYC moving checklist. Our affordable movers NYC can also be there to guide you through this process. So don’t spend another minute stressing about your relocation. You will handle everything like a breeze, just trust our NYC moving checklist! We have so many tips that can help you handle even the most complex of relocations. And, yes, these involve a lot of effective packing. Equip yourself with good organization, perseverance and you’ll quickly pack up your home!

A kid under a bunch of pillows
Put pillowcases and large plastic bowls into good use and stuff them full of smaller items.

1. A good moving plan is a lifesaver

We like to say that it’s close to impossible to handle the big move without this essential trick. In reality, you could always perform a move, but it will most likely be a chaotic and stressful one. Bottom line is that a carefully planned NYC moving checklist can set you up for success. And making it will only take half an hour. Plus, it will save you many hours that you would waste on packing the wrong way!

  • Indeed, before you start packing according to our NYC moving checklist, you need to examine items you want to move. You should do a quick walkthrough of your home and decide which items you are most definitely going to be moving. This means you will have to leave some items behind.
  • Make three lists: for items, you’ll be taking with you, ones you’ll be donating, and one for trash. Then start packing up your home, systematically clearing one pile at a time. The rest of the NYC moving checklist will basically involve hiring reliable movers to do the hard parts!

2. Start as early as you can on your NYC moving checklist!

If you’re packing by yourself, it is important to get an early start. You will have to pack carefully otherwise it will not be good for your fragile and delicate items. Since you only have limited time when it comes to organizing your relocation, why not hire IPS NYC movers? You may think that hiring full-service movers cost more, but it might potentially be more affordable then what you would pay separately for renting a moving truck and labor-only services. Full-service movers should be the crucial part of any ultimate NYC moving checklist for a successful relocation. We are reliable and our movers are able to protect your items during transportation.

3. How to start with an NYC moving checklist: Gather supplies

Collect, rent or buy boxes of different sizes, along with some packing paper. Next, the very practical bubble wrapping, a marker to label your boxes and a box cutter. We can, of course, deliver all the necessary boxes and packing supplies to your home if and when you need it. This is an amazing option because your moving day is closer than you think. Our experienced movers can also safely pack all of your valuable belongings in a matter of hours. Never be shy to contact us, even for a simple consult! We will make sure to provide you with all the proper supplies in order for you to have a complete NYC moving checklist and safe relocation.

How to make a perfect NYC moving checklist?
Packing with garbage bags is practical moving 101. If you want to handle a move like an expert, pack your softer and lighter things like towels, blankets, and clothes into them.

4. How to execute a fast and effective packing process: Use what you have around the house as cheap packing material

  • These tricks are often underestimated. If you want to perform a relocation like a pro, use every single household item you can as a packing supply. These NYC moving checklist hacks mean that you can pack smaller household objects into larger ones. It’s practical, it’s cheap and it’s quick. What more could you wish for?
  • You should also fill up all your suitcases, baskets and travel bags with items that aren’t easily breakable. It is always an NYC moving checklist bonus when you use something that’s on wheels. But your fragile items will still require some professional packing equipment. Call us and we’ll supply you with the necessary materials. Moving straps, a dolly and moving blankets for large appliances and heavy furniture will really come handy on moving day.

4. You can acquire recyclable moving bins

Indeed, these kinds of moving containers are not something you’ll be able to get the night before moving day. However, if you use our NYC moving checklist and take at least a few days to plan ahead, use this trick. Recyclable moving bins can save you a lot of time and secure your items because they are large and made of plastic, which means they are sturdy. They make every NYC moving checklist for packing super easy and simple. As opposed to cardboard corrugated boxes, plastic bins require zero assemblies!

Duffel bag
Use bags, baskets, garbage backs, suitcases, boxes you already own, sturdy grocery store boxes and more. Pack smaller and lighter things such as clothes into larger duffels.

And finally, the best and most convenient way to relocate besides using our NYC moving checklist is to hire professional packing services

Hire expert packing services to pack and prepare your entire household for moving swiftly and with total safety. If this still isn’t an option for you, you can even hire us to pack just a few rooms instead. Besides following our NYC moving checklist, you can additionally benefit from hiring partial relocation services. We will save a lot of your time and protect your household goods while still not burning a hole in your pocket. Our skilled, reliable packing team can be a great investment, so why not consider it?

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