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How to load a moving truck in NYC

The moving day has finally arrived. All boxes are packed, you dismantled your furniture and home appliances are secured for the move. The next task that stands in front of you is to load a moving truck NYC. There are many things you should pay attention to when loading a moving truck in NYC. You should know where you can park and how long you can have your truck on the street, how to secure your belongings from damage during transport, and much more. Therefore, you can always turn to professional movers NYC. In this article, you can find some useful tips on how to execute this task easily.

Parking your moving truck in NYC

One of the biggest challenges that you will come across is where to park your moving truck in New York City on the day of your move. Therefore, make sure to check out the local parking regulations and find a place where you can legally load your moving truck. In case you can reserve a parking spot beforehand, do so without hesitancy. It is important that you follow the commercial vehicle regulations for parking when you load your moving truck NYC. Be aware of alternate side parking rules and cleaning times in the area you are in New York City. This can extremely help you with your troubles. Parking for just one standard-sized passenger vehicle may not be sufficient, that is why you need to find a spot big enough for a moving truck.

Vehicles on road between buildings
Parking is challenging in NYC, so prepare in advance and if possible find ahead a parking spot


Learn more about the truck before you drive it

If you are renting a moving truck you should take some time and get to know more about the truck. Look up the switches on the rental truck. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the indicators, lights, and emergency brake. These are some things that you don’t want to look for during your drive at the moment that you actually need them. Take some time to read the truck manual, get to know the type of fuel required, and other vehicle-specific details. Before driving the moving truck, make sure you are familiar with your path, road rules, and the weather prediction.

Person hand on steering wheel
If you decide to drive a truck on your one you need to learn more about it in advance

Basic principles when you load a moving truck in NYC

Try not to waste any storage space in the truck. Load first at the back of the truck and if possible, stack up to the ceiling. That is how you can make sure that you use as much of the available storage space that you have. If it is likely that the truck will not be full, try to distribute the weight evenly on both sides. To prevent any furniture, home appliance, or boxes falling during the ride use locking bars or belts to secure your belongings from damage. Nevertheless, if the vehicle is fully packed, it should still be secured with belts and locking bars local moving companies NYC can help you with that. You should especially take care when opening the doors after the vehicle was moved, as even after the most careful loading some parts could fall during the ride.


Damage-free moving

One of the ways to avoid any unnecessary damage when you load a moving truck in NYC is to ensure that your belongings are appropriately secured. There is a simple rule for this – never spare on packing blankets, packing material, and straps when packing the moving truck. In case of sudden braking, even heavy parts can slip easily. Whether a piece of furniture or a bigger home appliance starts to slide it can make enormous damage to your belongings. This is the reason for which you need to secure everything well when you move. This way you avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive at your new home and start to unload.

Always strap big items down tightly, if necessary, in two or more places. Even if you tightly strapped everything it does not give a 100% guarantee that some pieces of your furniture cannot move a little. This is in particular for furniture on wheels. In case the brakes on the wheels cannot be removed, it is best to place this piece of furniture on some material. This will prevent the wheels from rolling. The wheels will no longer have any contact with the van floor


Man and woman packing
Before you load a moving truck in NYC be sure to protect your belongings well


Special items with special care

Any item that could be damaged during transit, like couches, fridges, electronic items needs to be wrapped before it is placed on the truck. Pack and load different items differently. You want to avoid mistakes when packing so that you don’t damage your furniture. Here are some tips on how you can best transport your different belongings:

  • Home appliances: As the washing machine and fridge, for example, are very large, it makes sense to load them first. The best way to transport electrical appliances is in the position in which they are put into work, and if possible, in their original packaging. If an appliance contains water (washing machine etc.), empty them before you move. If you are moving a washing machine, try to get protection for transport.
  • Carpets: In case you have hand-knotted carpets they may be transported loosely folded. Any other carpets should be rolled up and transported lying down. In this way, you can prevent the carpet from wrinkling and deforming.
  • Fragile items: Mirrors and other fragile furniture should be transported very carefully. Mirrors for example you should transport standing up, and never lying down.  Strap a glass table directly to the sidewall.  Protect it on all sides with blankets or other soft material. That way it can reach its destination safely


By doing so you can reduce the risk of damage due to shocks while driving to a minimum. We hope these tips will help you and ease the whole process of moving.  Last and not the least, drive the loaded moving van to the new home at a moderate speed.

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