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How to help your friends relocate

Everybody knows that moving takes a lot of work. There is just so much to do during the process! This is why it is no shame to ask for moving help. So, if your friends are moving, you might want to beat them to the punch and offer your services. They will appreciate you trying to help with anything – from coordinating the move to doing the heavy lifting. However, there are some ways in which you can help your friends relocate without breaking your back, too! In this article, IPS NYC Movers will teach you what you can do to ensure your friends get the best moving relocation possible!

The obvious: help your friends relocate through some heavy lifting

The first thing we are going to discuss is the thing most of us think about when offering moving help – doing the heavy lifting. There is so much to move during the move, and the process can be quite exhausting. What’s more, your friends might not be inclined to heavy lifting – and might need your help reaching the moving truck NYC with their couch.

a couch
A couch can be a nightmare to move – especially in buildings with no elevator!

If you think you can handle spending your day lifting heavy items and moving boxes, then this is what you can do for them! However, we need to stress the importance of lifting items correctly. If you do not know how to do it, you can injure yourself or your friend. You might damage their belongings or their new home by dropping an item down or hitting the wall.

So, if you need to lift something that’s heavy, you will want to get a good grip on it. Keep it close so you can keep the center of mass near you for better control. Then, lift with your knees, not your back. This means that your back should be as straight as possible, while you bend down to pick an object – and more importantly, get back up – using only your legs. This way, you can save yourself injuries! Of course, if you are not too strong or confident in heavy lifting, there are still many other ways in which you can help your friends relocate – so do not worry!

Keep your friends fed during their moving day

A thing that you can do – and which many will greatly appreciate – is to bring your friends a nutritious meal during their moving day. We have already mentioned just how busy the moving process is. The moving day is the culmination of all of this work! Because of this, people can easily forget to get a good meal. Or, they can opt to order in from a fast-food restaurant. Both of these aren’t the best solutions since they will not give proper nutritional energy to your friends.

a pizza
Make sure there is food on their table!

However, you need to think about the practicality of this meal as well. While everyone would appreciate a nice homecooked meal, no one will enjoy heating things up (or cooling them down) or using a lot of dishes while also moving a refrigerator. This only adds even more chores to do – which is the worst way in which you can help your friends relocate!

So what do you make? Well, sandwiches are always a great idea. You can add meat and veggies in there which will give your friends enough protein and energy to keep them going through the day. You can even bring some fast food if your friend wants it – thinks like tacos or pizza are always great. Just keep in mind that they can slow a person down instead of boosting them up. Finally, you can bring your friend a plate of veggies or fresh fruit – and similar snacks to eat throughout the day.

Sitters are always welcome during the moving day

So, as you might already imagine, the moving day can be quite stressful. But as much as it is stressful on you – it is even more so on your kids and your pets. Especially if you have little kids, they (and your pets) will not know what is happening and find it hard to grasp while people are packing up their whole home and taking it away. When they get anxious, you will get anxious in return. And anxiety is something you can definitely live without during the moving day.

help your friends relocate by watching over their pet or their kid
Offer to babysit or petsit while your friends move!

The same will apply to your friends too! This is why they will greatly appreciate it if you volunteer to babysit or petsit if they are moving to NYC with kids or pets. The best solution would be to keep them in your place during the whole process of loading and unloading the truck. This way, you will keep them far away from all the rush and hectic energy and will keep them calm.

If you really cannot host them, then taking them out to the park or for a nice walk will help too. The main point is to keep them distracted. If your friends have both a pet and a child, then you can kill two birds with one stone and let them play together in the park! This way, you are giving your friends free rein to move around their home unobstructed, while taking a couple of things off the list of things they need to watch over.

There is much more with which you can help your friends relocate!

These three things are just the tip of the iceberg of useful ideas to help your friends with their relocation! We presented to you the most common problems, but you can ask to help with so much more! You might create a packing playlist for them, or help them with cleaning everything up. Think outside of the box and be creative, and your friends will be eternally grateful to you!

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