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How to find reliable movers in Forest Hills, NYC

Are you looking for a moving company in Forest Hills, NYC? If you do, you have probably realized that finding good movers is not an easy task. Your goal is to find movers that are reliable, experienced, well-equipped, licensed, insured, and offer a wide array of services. That is quite a list of qualities. But, is it really possible to find a moving company that has all those attributes? IPS NYC Movers thinks that it is possible. And that, in fact, you can hire such movers at affordable prices. If you want to find out how to find reliable movers in Forest Hills, NYC, keep reading.

Things that you need to consider when you are trying to find reliable movers Forest Hills

When you are searching for trustworthy movers in Forest Hills, you need to do a lot of digging. And when you find a company that looks promising, you need to dig even deeper to prove its trustworthiness. As there are so many good moving companies in Forest Hills, you need to set criteria to be able to filter out only the best of the best. Of course, you are not searching for the world moving champions; you are searching for a moving company that is best for your needs. Here are some of the most important things that you should pay attention to when searching for reliable movers:

  • Find movers with experience
  • Consider only licensed and fully insured moving companies
  • Locate movers with lots of positive reviews
  • Hire movers that offer a full moving service
  • Identify well-equipped movers
A powerful red truck on a sunset
You need to check a few things before you find a perfect moving company in Forest Hills

Make sure that you hire experienced movers

In the moving business, experience is one of the most important things. If you see a moving company that has been on the market for years, that is a good sign that they are reliable and that they know how to run a moving business. Naturally, the company’s age doesn’t have to mean much if they send you an inexperienced moving crew. That is also a thing that you need to think about. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to find out your moving crew’s experience except to ask before hiring. So while you are negotiating with a company make an inquiry about this matter as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean that young moving companies are bad and that they cannot deliver what you ask. This is just the way to lower any potential risks regarding your move.

Your movers should be licensed and insured

One of the easiest ways to spot a fraudulent moving company is by their DOT number. Or, the lack of  DOT number. If you find that the moving company isn’t fully licensed, do not even consider hiring them. There are plenty of residential moving companies NYC with proper licenses so there is no reason why would you risk this. Also, make sure that your moving company is fully insured. You want to know that your items are covered if it comes to any damage or loss. Of course, you do all this to avoid damage and loss of your items. Still, it is good to be aware that not even the best moving company in the world cannot guarantee that everything will be 100% flawless. And that even the best make mistakes.  Therefore, make sure that your items are insured.

A person signing paperwork
Make sure that your movers are fully insured

Reliable online reviews are an important source of information

Another thing that is very important to consider when you are searching for reputable moving companies in Forest Hills is online reviews. Online reviews, are something that could make you make a decision even without doing all these other examinations. They can make you turn around from a company even if all other things look perfect. Or they can make you hire a company without looking at other options. Of course, it is important where you read those comments. If you are reading reviews on a moving company’s website, naturally you will find mostly positive feedback. That is why you should turn to other moving-related websites like or These are the places where you can find genuine testimonials and check your movers’ credibility.

Find movers that offer a full moving service

When you are searching for reliable movers, one of the things that could point you in the right direction is the number of services that they provide. If you find a moving company that offers a full-moving service, it means that your movers offer a wide range of services. If they offer so many services, it means that they are capable of performing even the most difficult relocations. And only the best movers can handle everything. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay for storage or junk removal if you do not need it. You can always hire a moving company just to transport your belongings. But if you suddenly realize that you cannot pack on time, it is good to know that your movers provide packing services NYC, furniture disassembling, or heavy object lifting as well.

Only well-equipped movers can handle everything

One of the things that you also need to pay attention to, especially if you are moving long-distance or there will be some special tasks involved, is how well are your movers equipped. Primarily, your movers need to have proper vehicles. But if there will be some special situations like piano moving, moving a safe, or something similarly awkward, you need to know that your movers have cranes, forklifts, dollies, stair climber carts, loading ramps, etc. Ask them about it before you decide to hire.

A crane lifting a heavy object on a truck
If you have some heavy object to lift it is good to know that your movers can handle it

How to find reliable and affordable movers Forest Hills

If you want to find reliable movers Forest Hills those are the things to consider. Hopefully, you will find at least a few moving companies that fit into that description. Now, all you have to do is ask for their moving estimates, get a free moving quote, compare everything, and pick the best offer. That is how you can find reliable and affordable movers at the same time.


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