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How to find a reliable moving company in NYC – tips and tricks

Relocation is a daunting undertaking that only the rarest dare to tackle single-handedly. And this is not that hard to understand. What with all the tasks, lack of time, heavy lifting and the inevitable stress, it is only reasonable to have professionals handle the biggest part of it. After all, you can use all that time and energy for much better and smarter things. So, we can agree that hiring a moving company is the soundest first step you can make in this process. But, how would you go about making the right choice? How does one find a reliable moving company in NYC? We will talk about this in the text below, so make sure to continue with the read.

The best way to find a reliable moving company in NYC is to do your research right, and avoid movers that show certain red flags. Let us start with the former while including the latter as we go.

A girl doing a research
Your research should be thorough and last as long as it has to.

How to go about your research?

You should start by limiting your choice to the companies that are local. You might be wondering why this is our advice. Well, it will be tremendously easier to find a reliable moving company in NYC when you are already there. While there are undoubtedly quality moving companies in, say, Boston, you would have a much harder time checking their credentials. Sticking to the local moving companies will allow you to visit their office without the great expenditure of your time. And this is great because it allows you to actually see the people you will be working with, and access first hand whether they are reliable and professional.

Find a reliable moving company in NYC by using the Internet

While it can be kind of risky to go this way, since the Internet is not the most reliable source of information, it is still the most comprehensive one. You only need to be smart while doing your research. So, apart from looking up the reviews on the mover’s website, you should check their pages on social media. These will give you the most reliable picture regarding the service they provide. Look at the comments that are most recent, and take into consideration the bad as well as the good.

The red flag:

If the company has too many good reviews, take it as a bad sign. Just think about it. No one is that perfect. Even if you are professional, respectable, efficient and diligent, there will be that one person who doesn’t like the color of your shirt and make a whole fuss about it. So, picture-perfect comments indicate that it’s probably bots at work. Of course, this rule does not go the ‘vice-versa’ route. If the comments are all bad, you should still skip that company.

A man giving one start out of five as a review
A bad review is a bad review, there is no way around it. And too many of those cannot ever be good news.

Another great way to check whether the movers are worthy of your time and money is to locate their license number. They should have it on the website. If not, feel free to give the company a call and ask for one. Once you have obtained it, pull it through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s system in order to find their complaint history. If there is none, all the better. Now, be mindful, if your movers are interstate ones, they will have a license issued by the U.S. DOT. However, if the moving company handles only the local moves, they are regulated by the state, and not by the U.S. DOT. So, for those cases, you would research your state license requirements beforehand.

The importance of estimates

When you find a few moving companies that seem genuine (and make sure that there are few, and not just one, because the search is not over yet) give them a call and inquire about the moving estimates. Now, there are three types of moving estimates, all of which are based on the weight of the customer’s belongings:

  1. Non-binding estimate. Having that it is non-binding, the given estimate is likely to change depending on the actual weight of the move. Be careful with the companies offering these estimates, as you can end up paying way more than the initial estimate predicted.
  2. Binding estimate. The price you get here is fixed, and you will pay exactly what you were originally quoted. This means you won’t pay any more, and any less. So, even if your belongings end up weighing less than it was originally estimated, you will still have to pay the fixed cost.
  3. Binding not-to-exceed estimate. Here even if the shipment weighs less than originally estimated, you will only have to pay for the cost of shipping the actual weight. If it exceeds the original estimate, you won’t be charged anything extra. As you can imagine, this tends to be the most popular option with customers.

After you gather a few offers, compare them and access which ones go best with your financial possibilities.

A man doing calculations
In order to find a reliable moving company in NYC, you need to be well informed about the moving estimates.

The red flag:

If any particular option stands out from the rest as being rather favorable, and too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. That is why getting at least three estimates will help you fish out those fraudulent movers. In addition, if the company does not do the in-home estimates, they are not to be trusted. You should have the company’s agent come over and have a look at the items that are being shipped in order to give the most accurate possible estimate. Doing it over the phone is simply not possible. Also, a reliable moving company in NYC should not require a deposit of more than 20 percent of the estimated cost of the move. Although many won’t require any payment until your belongings are delivered, you should still be in the know.

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