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How to clean your home before the move

The fact is, it is not very polite to move out and just leave a mess. You probably moved in it when it was clean and it wouldn’t be nice to leave without cleaning it. This may be a challenge because of the years of piling dust and dirt but no worries. We made a guide for you on how to clean your home before the move.

Buy appropriate cleaning supplies to clean your home before the move

You will need a lot of cleaning supplies because you will be able to reach some places you were not able to reach before. And they are probably very dirty. Whether you’re considering to hire movers or move by yourself all your stuff needs to be out before cleaning. Use what you already have and buy some more if needed. Here is a list of items you will probably need to clean your home before the move:

  1. Gloves
  2. Rags
  3. Soft scrubbers
  4. Vinegar and baking soda
  5. Mops, bucket,broom….
Cleaning cloths used as an answer to How to clean your home before the move question
How to clean your home before the move is answered by a good cleaning rag!

These are just the essentials. If you want you can buy some floor and furniture polishers for a finishing touch.

Cleaning the bathroom

Use an all-purpose cleaner for the majority of your bathroom. It is best to use a sponge with it. If you have some mold built up, you can make a baking soda and vinegar cleaner and scrub it out with a toothbrush. This simple trick does wonder! And almost everyone has the ingredients at home to make it. Leave it on a bit to work then scrub. When working on your bathroom, be sure to start at the top and work your way down. If you can leave the chemical drain cleaner in the sink and toilet for the night and open the windows. Chemical drain cleaners have a really strong scent and it might bother some people.

A baking soda
Backing soda and vinegar are excellent for cleaning bathroom

Vaccum what is left of your product dust from inside the drawers. Remove the drawers if possible and clean them all with all-purpose cleaner again. Do not forget to clean the toilet! Put on some gloves and scrub around with a brush, leave it be for some time and then just flush.

Bedrooms and living room cleaning

To clean your house before the move means the rooms must be spotless! If you have hanging chandeliers or lamps, take off the lampshades. Clean them up with some damp rag and a disinfecting spray and be gentle. The blinds may be a mess to clean but do not worry. You can just take them off and drop them in soap and warm water. Let the blinds sit like that for half an hour then rinse and let them dry naturally.  Make sure you got everything out before cleaning and you are fully packed for your relocation.

For outside and the inside of the windows, spray all-purpose cleaner again, all over them. Wipe down, then spray glass cleaner and wipe them with newspaper or paper towel. They do not leave tiny hairs on the windows and leave them spotless. Your carpets can be cleaned with regular clothes detergent and a scrubbing brush. Be sure to do that outside of your house. Rinse when you’re done and let them dry naturally.

If your kid’s rooms are a mess and they had some artistry going on on the walls you may need to repaint. But just in case, try gently wiping the colors with a damp microfiber cloth. It may not clean it all the way but it can help a bit. Get your kids to help clean your home before the move. It is their art on the walls there! Get your little Picasso a rag too and talk about relocation with kids.

Kitchen cleaning

To clean your house before the move means you have to get all the grease out of your kitchen. Yes, all of it, and we bet it is giving you nightmares. Well, remember the vinegar mix used to clean the bathroom? It works wonders with grease as well. Spray it all over the greasy parts, fridge, stove, and counters and let it sit a bit. Get your regular dish sponge and start scrubbing from the easiest part to clean. The very greasy parts you would want to soak a bit more in the mixture. And it will be as good as new.

Do not forget to clean all the drawers in the fringe because something was probably spilled and needs a good scrubbing. You can put the drawers in a tub and spray them with hot water to loosen up the dirt and then scrub regularly.

tap with tap water
Hot water is great for cleaning stuborn stains

After you are done with interior cleaning, throw away all the garbage. Vacuum really well, and do not forget the spired webs and hard to reach places. After you’re done the vacuuming, clean the floors with a cleaner appropriate to the type of the floor. Open all the windows for quick drying and fresh air. Consider hiring a good moving company to move your stuff while you clean.


Exterior cleaning

Your home is also your backyard and porch and it must be a part of your ‘’clean your home before the move’’ to-do list. Before you’ve packed your gardening supplies, cut the crass and pluck out the weeds. With the same method as your lampshades and chandlers, clean the outdoor light sources. If you had any work done, remove the nails and fill the holes up. Be careful not to leave anything sticking out that might hurt someone. If you have a high-pressure water cleaner,  clean your porch with it or just call a company to do it for you. Your front door will be as good as new.

Finally, take some photos of the finished look of the house. That will make you get your deposit back. Also, you will be safe in any harm is done to the house after you have moved out. Better safe than sorry! Everyone enjoys general cleaning sometimes. We hope this little guide on how to clean your home before the move has helped you. And tho we do feel tired it is also refreshing and satisfying. Be sure to include your family for extra help.

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