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How to avoid injuries during your move

You might not be aware of just how dangerous moving can be. All that lifting and transferring in a chaotic environment might take a toll on you. Even though you might be in a hurry, an injury while rushing will only postpone moving. It is better to avoid injuries during your move and be extra careful than to regret it later.

Avoid injuries during your move by hiring a moving company

The most secure way not to be hurt is for someone else to do it for you. All good and professional movers have people trained to properly do their jobs. This means that they will not get hurt while doing the heavy lifting. There is so much more to this than just loading, unloading, and strength. Moving heavy things requires proper tools as well as good techniques.

a cartoon man showing thumbs up for avoid injuries during your move
You can easily avoid injuries during your move if you hire professional movers!

As we mentioned, the most secure method would be to hire movers. While the professionals do the hard part of the job, you can focus on other important matters. Be careful though, just because you are not lifting heavy, doesn’t mean you will avoid injuries during your move.


Be extra careful when packing

It is not just the moving part that can take a toll on your health. You will have to be extra careful when you pack your belongings. Not packing properly can cause a great deal of trauma to your body. This means you’re in need of a solid moving plan. From over-packed boxes snapping to sharp objects cutting you. This is not a reason for panic, thinking your furniture is ought to get you. It just means you have to take extra safety measures when you pack to avoid injuries during your move. Overpacking boxes can lead to them breaking and what not. It might not be a problem if clothes are in them, but it can be a problem if it is something dangerous and sharp. We suggest you avoid cardboard boxes and invest in plastic boxes for your move. A much safer option for both you and your belongings.

Do not forget to wrap up sharp objects nicely. Not just knives and silverware, but also anything that is breakable.  Gardening tools can be super dangerous and to avoid injuries during your move, you must secure the right. The air-filled wrap works wonders when it comes to protecting items and you as well.

Invest in good packing supplies

We mentioned that just by hiring a moving company you can’t avoid injuries during your move.  You can hurt yourself when cleaning your home as well. This is why it is necessary to invest in proper packing materials. Quality is always better than quantity, remember that. A good air-filled wrap might just save you from hurting yourself.

stockpiles blankets
You can use blankets as wrapping materials

With some of the supplies, you can wing it and use what you have at home. By this, we mean using blankets and towels to wrap up something fragile or a piece of technology. Supplies are no place to save up your money if you want to avoid injuries during your move. You can always ask a friend or a neighbor to have some of their extra supplies from their last move if you are keen on saving money.

Prepare yourself

To be prepared doesn’t just mean to have on your mind what you must do. It means taking care of yourself so you are in good condition to do it. Hurting yourself can be a consequence of a number of things. This is why you always need to be well-rested. When we are tired we lose focus and can be reckless when it comes to a number of things. It can also lead to a bad mood. And when you are in a bad mood everything seems to be working against you. Apart from being well-rested, you have to eat right. Our strength and focus comes from rest but also food. Forget about your diet on a moving day because you will need calories. Eat healthy but high-calorie food to keep your strength up. Another important part of preparing yourself is the wardrobe. It is super important not to walk around in high heels, fashion can wait. While you are on your way for supplies, buy a suit sewn to endure hard work. Or just dress comfortably, to be able to move around and not get hurt.

a woman sleeping
Make sure to have a good night rest before packing and moving

While you are preparing yourself do not forget to prepare the rest of the family. Kids and pets must not be in your way. Always prepare your children for moving. Not only can you hurt yourself by avoiding them, but you can also hurt them. Select a room for them to be in while you wrap it up. Make it nice and cozy and check what they are up to every now and then. It is a much easier and safer option then for them to be in the middle of it all.

What can you do if you hurt yourself

By following our rules and being careful you can avoid hurting yourself pretty much. But, life is life and anything can happen. You can be super careful, but that just might not be your day. It is a huge chance you have someone near you to help. The key is not to panic and to be aware of the situation.

If you fail to avoid injuries during your move, this is what you must do:

  1. Always call 911
  2. Prepare a first aid kit to have at hand
  3. Call a neighbor for help
  4. Stay calm

To be able to avoid injuries during your move can be a challenge. Especially if you are in a hurry and have a ton of stuff to be moved and packed. That still doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to read this and take special precautions to make this safe. Better to be a little late that to end up hurt and not being able to continue. We have faith in you to deal with this move like a boss.

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