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Hidden moving fees to look out for

Moving can be very expensive, especially if you do not watch out for some hidden moving fees. Then it will not only cost you more money but also your nerves. Let’s agree that all you need to do is create a solid plan and inform yourself as much as you can. This way you can avoid some unpleasant surprises such as hidden moving fees that can ruin your day in a split second.

Most obvious hidden moving fees are supplies

Yes, it does occur to you that you will need some moving supplies, a lot of them actually. But somehow it slips your mind to save up for buying them.  This can be a bit costly if you didn’t plan on buying them. Here is what you would probably need from this most obvious hidden moving fees category:

  1. Boxes and/or plastic containers
  2. Wraps and tapes
  3. Packing paper and blankets
  4. Packing peanuts
Packing beans can be one of the Hidden moving fees you need to know more about
Getting packing supplies from movers is one of the hidden moving fees you need to know more about

There is a way to avoid some of these expenses though. If a friend was moving recently, you can check to see if they may have some supplies left. Boxes can be found in local stores early in the morning when the merchandise arrives. Make a solid plan for your move and hidden moving fees won’t be a problem.

Utilities need to be settled in time

A smart move would be to make a note to yourself to settle your utilities in time. Don’t add them to your list of hidden moving fees. A deposit needs to be put down for your new place and that can be an easy expense to forget. Also,  your old place needs to be signed out so you don’t pay for something you do not use anymore.

The deposit can be anywhere from $100 to $400 for your new place and that is not a small amount of money. Check on time with the new supplier for your area about the cost of it so you can manage your budget.

Subscriptions need to be canceled as well as memberships. If you are a regular at the gym there is a high probability that the memberships roll over to the next month until canceled. Manage your time and cancel any memberships and subscriptions or transfer them to your new address.

Expences for special items

Your moving company probably has almost everything covered concerning your move. There are some hidden moving fees that people may forget about when moving. This is common knowledge for a lot of people but if you haven’t moved as much it can be a surprise.

stack of china plates
Some items are expensive and require special care like china for example

Your company can charge you extra if you have some really heavy items that are difficult to handle. This is common sense to charge extra for heavy items because some of them, like a piano, need special care. Extra people, trucks, and equipment must be provided for those items to be transferred safely. So before you call your movers, roam around your house to check if you have items that need special equipment.

Hiring scammers

Scams are everywhere and moving businesses are not an exception here. As well as looking out when doing business, as usual, you should be careful with scam moving companies out there. This is one of the hidden moving fees that can ruin the joyful moment of moving and can cost you gravely. Not only will you pay for the moving as you would a regular moving company, but there is also more. They will load your stuff into the trucks and disappear with them into thin air. And you will likely never see your belongings again. That means you will also have to buy a lot of new stuff.

A pc that says scam alert
Be careful not to hire scammers

For you to be sure not to step on this mine make sure to investigate. Reputable moving companies can be easily checked online. Their social media would have positive reviews and they can be verified by AMSA and  US DOT number. Always check for these things and also ask around for recommendations. This is a lot more money to lose that to forget you have to buy some supplies.

Cleaning and painting

Let’s not forget you are probably moving into a house someone inhabited before. This means your new home must be spotless when you arrive. You probably already have a ton of work to do so you can’t be doing this as well. Hiring cleaning professionals to clean and for someone to repaint your house can be one of the hidden moving fees to look out for.

a cleaning lady
Think about hiring professionals to clean your home before you move in

There will be less work and probably cost you less because the furniture is not there. There is not much to move and workaround. So, if you have some experience with professional cleaners you would know what to expect and how much will it cost. Protective foil for the furniture won’t be needed when painting so you avoided that expense by doing this before moving in.

Some additional fees

Yes, there is more, much more hidden moving fees to look out for. Storage units you need to rent as you move and insurance for your items to protect them. If you are moving into an apartment you need to keep in mind something. The more stories you have in a building it will cost that much more for moving of your stuff.

If you are looking at this list and thinking you can do it all yourself and avoid paying extra, do not think about it. Risking the disasters that can happen during moving on your own can cost you a lot more than some of the expenses.

There is a lot that can pop up during a move and make it even more difficult. Some of the hidden moving fees are not as difficult to handle as the other but can also be a bummer. We hope we have helped you to find out what some of those are and successfully avoid them during your move. Do not let them spoil your moving day. Good luck and have fun!

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