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Handling post-move paperwork

It is very easy to forget to settle post-move paperwork after all that fuss. Moving is difficult and even with most solid plans made, we just forget a bunch of stuff. Some aren’t as important as others. But a few of them need your immediate attention. W know you are tired, but the faster you settle this, the better for you.

Utilities at your old and your new place

Before you handle your post-move paperwork, you have to cancel with your old utility provider. When you cancel you will get your old deposit back. Use that same money for the deposit at your new place. If you forget to cancel, you’ll be paying extra for something you aren’t using. Moving alone is expensive enough. Do not burry yourself even deeper.

Utilities you need to cancel before you handle post-move paperwork
in order to properly handle post-move paperwork cancel the utilities in your old place

Handling post-move paperwork includes contacting these companies:

  1. Cable provider
  2. Telephone company
  3. Gas company
  4. Electricity company
  5. Water company

As we said, some are more important than others. You sure can live without the internet. But we are not sure how long you can last without water or electricity. So do not forget to do this unless you are into living like a caveman.

Medical records for all family members including pets

Transferring medical records can easily slip off your mind. Especially if you are not sick often. We are not saying something will happen, but it is critical to have your medical records transferred. You should gather all family members’ medical files in one place. Vaccination documents are the ones that are the most important. And you should carry them with you in your emergency bag while moving. Handling post-move paperwork can be hard if you lose it in the process of moving. If you have some regular therapy, now is a good time as any to resupply. Make sure you have your meds with you at all times. Pick a new doctor as soon as you can.

image of medical record
Have all the medical records at one place

The same goes for your pets. Most of us who have them count them as family. Witch they definitely are. So do not forget to bring your pet’s records with them. On a special note, there is another thing about relocating with furry friends. Before moving long-distance with a pet, do some check. The record is mandatory for the country you are entering to know the pet is healthy.

Moving insurance

Handling moving insurance is one of the first things you will do when wrapping up post-move paperwork. When you start clearing out your boxes, check all your belongings. If there is some damage to them, notify your insurance company as well as your movers.

How well and fast this can be handled depends on the movers and their policy. This can often be done just over the phone and that is a huge relief. Other times it needs to be face to face contact with the companies. All your files involving insurance should be with you at all times, just like medical records. Notify your insurance company that you moved as well.

Change of address

Change of address as a part of your post-move paperwork should be done at the Postal service. This is one of the things that you should settle as fast as possible. Yes, we know, a lot of these things you should settle right away. But do not worry, because it seems way worse than it is. This is regular work for a lot of people and should be done with fast. Relocation requires updating every piece of information.

You wouldn’t want to miss monthly subscriptions from your favorite magazines. That would be a shame. Before you move, cancel any subscriptions you no longer need or want. That should simplify the work just a bit. Any relief is welcome.

newspapers and coffee
If you don’t want to miss your subscriptions then inform your magazines that you changed address

If you are moving inside the state, no need for a driver’s license update right away. But, if you are moving to another state you have to. There are a few things you need to settle when it comes to post-move paperwork involving your car. The first is to transfer your driver’s license to the state and the current address. After that comes the registration update that you need to do as well. And of course, as with all your belongings, the last comes insurance.

You will have about a month to settle the car’s paperwork. The aster you work the better. No need for extra tickets that bust the money out of your pocket.

Education records are just as important as medical records

When you are moving with younger kids this won’t be a problem and is not the post-move paperwork you need to settle. But if your kids are older this is as critical as their medical record. On the upside, older kids can help a lot with relocation. It is a lot easier to explain everything to older children, but there is also that much more paperwork.

Asure that the school has all their records. Prepare a bit of money for the fees you need to pay along the way. It is best you do it yourself, and not lean on the schools to settle it between them. |Do it yourself if you want it done right. Pick up your kid’s records and keep them with the medical files. When you settle into your new home, take the kid by the hand and go sign up. Taking your kid with you can ease the transition for them. New environments can be scary. Even if your kid is older and a teenager. Be there by their side to show love and support during this transition.

Handling post-move paperwork can be a frustrating job. Dealing with government institutions is boring, dull and it just takes too long. But it needs to be done and there is no way around it. The longer you wait the more dreadful it will look to you. So take care of it quickly, and move along with your life. Your new beautiful home waits for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

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