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Guide to organizing a remote relocation

Theoretically speaking, what is the problem in organizing a remote relocation? All you need to do is make a few phone calls, and get a couple of trucks full of stuff from one place to another, right? Workable, no problem. That just means you need to hire one of the best Queens moving companies and you’re good to go… Or your things are. However, this action is all but a simple undertaking. So let’s see what you need to do in order to make your remote move right.

Steps in organizing a remote relocation

In order for everything to go well, there are the following steps when organizing a remote relocation:

  • preparatory work in the new place of residence. That can be anything from renovating a place to floor tiling, parquet hobbling, kitchen installation, changing windows, etc. Think about who to call and who can you rely on.
  • selecting your belongings, separating what goes where; you have to know who will do this for you.
  • packaging, assembly, and dismantling of furniture. If you are moving your office, it’s best to simply call commercial movers NYC who can do it all for you.
  • transport, moving and arranging things in a new place. You need someone you can trust in making things right.

Think in advance

Of course, sometimes it seems that these preparatory actions never end… And you may easily grow old in those few weeks of the move. This is because no one moves out of fun and hobbies (right?!), so a need to move is always a necessity of existential nature. So there is always the uncomfortable feeling that comes with the thought of a moving date. And this is especially true when organizing a remote relocation. There are a lot of things that can delay the moving process.

Woman, looking to organize a remote relocation
Organizing a remote relocation can be tricky if you have no one to trust.

Let’s relax, there are a few more months, and there is another month until one morning you are stunned: moving is in next Monday! That’s why you need to be ahead of the game and plan everything.

How to make remote relocation easier

It’s not easy to say: so many people are moving, we won’t be the only ones, we can do it… This usually doesn’t help. All the feelings that people experience when moving from one end of the city to another, or maybe even move overseas also occur when you have to move remotely. However, there are some things you can do to help you ease the pressure… Let’s see what they are.

Get rid of unnecessary things

When you definitely decide to organize a remote relocation, the first thing you need to clear up with yourself this: don’t get too attached to material things! So turn off the emotions. Someone will pack your things – and that someone won’t be you. So be objective when it comes to packing things, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Write down plans for your remote relocation
Planning is a fundamental part of organizing a remote relocation


Try to divide things into three larger groups

  • things you have to move,
  • those you can sell (you will need money along the way, but not things)
  • and those you will throw or give away.

Prepare your paperwork on time

It is fairly difficult to organize a remote relocation. If you need to change your ID, you will also manage your medical records or your bank account: it is generally the same in every city. But the situation is completely different when you leave the country. Passport, visa, graduation certification, custody papers, children’s records, school records are all part of a frustrating and lengthy process that is unfortunately inevitable. So try your best to finish all this on time as missing just one paper may cost you a major headache.

Money is a necessity

It is clear to everyone that organizing a remote relocation is impossible without money. Calculate how much money you will need for the preparatory phase of your move, how much you will need for the transport and relocation itself. There is an easy way to do it as best moving companies offer a free moving quote so you know how much you will spend in advance.

Also, calculate how much money will you need to start living in a new country, what will be your expenses, settle your bills with your bank before you close your account here, pay all bills in your previous place of residence, etc. Add extra sum with every amount – unpredictable costs always appear. In the case of moving to a new country, money is like fuel in a car: it will help you deal with unforeseen situations very easily.

House on dollars
Add extra sum with every amount – unpredictable costs always appear.

What if you need to move your pets

Even if you are not there, your pet has to be taken care of. Whether it is a cat, a dog or a regular goldfish, it is best to leave them in a second home for a while. That place can be with your friends, family, neighbors until you arrive in a new environment and provide your pet with the conditions for a normal life.

However, if you do decide to move your pet remotely right away, you should inquire about all the documents you need and check the transportation rates in advance. Just think about it: plane tickets for pets can be more expensive than those for owners. Of course, have someone close to be with your pet. Animals are sensitive creatures and need to feel as safe as possible in stressful situations like relocation.

Start with your preparations early

Whatever is up to you – do it on time. Start organizing a remote relocation as early as possible. There will certainly be unforeseen situations, they are somehow inevitable. Save your nerves by inquiring well about every little detail. Of course, hiring a great and reputable moving company is a very important thing when relocating. Responsible people who you entrust you with things will make it easier for you to move. You won’t have to worry about the boxes and things being safe, whether something will break. In this way, you will simply have a “free head” for more important things. Good luck!

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