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Guide for storage during summer

Summer is around the corner so you won’t be needing coats, skis, scarfs. It is time for bikinis, shorts, and dresses. If you don’t have wide closet space, storing your items during the summer is a must, to free your closet space for some new summer items. Storing all the unnecessary items is a must but the appropriate protection of them, too. Check out some tips for storage during summer. Plan everything gently and enjoy your summer.

Make a plan that you will follow so you don’t forget about something. A good plan is half of the job. You can start with some questions- What to store, where, and when. It may take you some time but if you do it properly it will be a lot easier to start the next winter season.

Plan for storage during summer

You can start by making a list. Make a list of all the items you want to store. In that way, you won’t forget what you want to store and it will make it easier to sort the items too. Now is also a good time to sort your items. If you have some things that you haven’t been using for a long time and you figured that you do not need them anymore, you have a few options for those things. You can sell them on the internet, give them to some of your friends or to some charity organization. If don’t, you can store them as well.

After making a list of items, you need to prepare them for storage. Here are some steps to follow in order to prepare your items:

  • wash them properly
  • check if some of your items demand some special treatment
  • get the packing supplies to prepare your items for storage during summer
  • find a reliable company that will pack, store and relocate your items safely

Wash your items

Time to wash the clothes. Even it is not dirty you should wash them properly to prevent odors that can attract pests. Before doing that you should check the labels. You can wash them at your home or take them to the dry-cleaning. If you have items made of wool, leather, or fur you should provide them with adequate care. Leather purses, jackets, and shoes need to be cleaned and then rubbed with conditioning oil so they don’t dry and crack. When it comes to boots, they should be stored laced up and fastened so they don’t lose their shape. Wool items need to be stored into breathable garment bags or boxes. Clothes store better when they are folded, and packed rather than hung because folding minimizes stretching.

laundry machines
Check the labels and clean your clothes with care.

After washing your clothes, you want to keep them fresh as long as possible. No matter where you store them, there’s a chance that things can start smelling a little musty over the warm summer months. So, here’s a little trick. You can apply a few drops of some essential oil on a paper towel and put it in a box or a plastic bin. Lavender oil is frequently used for this.

As well as your clothes and shoes, you need to clean your sports equipment that you won’t be needing during the summer. You should wash your skis, snowboards, and ice skate with some soap and sponge and let them completely dry so you can store them. After that, you can wax your skis and snowboard. They should always be stored upright and on a soft surface. Take care of your sports equipment so you can use them for the next season.

Provide an adequate care to your sports equipment.


If you have some furniture to store or any large equipment, they should be disassembled and packed so they do not get damaged. It will also help you to save some space. It is very important to clean and polish wood pieces before storing them.

Time to pack your items

When you have washed and prepared your belongings, you need to pack them. You will be needing some packing supplies. You can use carton boxes, plastic bins, packing and duct tape, and scissors. Put similar items together to avoid confusion when searching for them later. Also, you can put the labels on the boxes and plastic bins so you can find certain items quickly.

Finding storage during summer

The final step is to find the storage that fits your needs and loading your item in it. Storage units are needed at all times of the year but during the summer season, the number of demands increases significantly. It is really important to find a climate-control space that has enough storing space so you can store all your items. Be careful in choosing the storage unit. Check the safety of the storage, if it has in-person surveillance or video monitoring, and how many locks does it have in the door. Also, check the size of the storage unit you need so you can place all your items.


Store the items that you won’t be needing during the summer.

Be smart about using the storage space. Make sure you put the items in places that are best suited for their size and weight. If you know that you will be needing some of the items before the others be sure to place them on an easy-to-reach spot near the door. You can check the Astoria storage units and find the one that fits your needs. So, instead of buying packing supplies, packing everything by yourself, you can let the professionals do all the work for you.

Moving company

The last thing is to find a reliable moving company to relocate your inventory to the storage unit. Sure, you can do it by yourself or ask some friends for help but you can hire movers NYC in order to relocate your items safely. You can contact them and check their offer. You can be provided with the full service, which means packing, storing, and relocating. Of course, everything depends on your agreement with the company.

Follow these steps and you will have smooth storage during summer. Take your time to plan everything and to prepare yourself for the summer season.




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