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Moving furniture in NYC can be as simple as calling IPS NYC Movers - here to ensure the utmost care during the relocation of your furniture!
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When it comes to relocation, mishaps connected to self-moving are very common! They usually happen in a split second and without a warning sign! Fortunately, you can skip all those worries with the assistance of reliable specialty services by IPS NYC Movers. When you work with us, you see how much emphasis we put on planning. Especially when it comes to moving furniture in NYC. How do we prevent injuries when moving furniture? Years of training, passion for relocation and quality moving equipment! Read on to learn why hiring specialty services is your best bet when moving furniture in NYC, whether you are moving locally or over a long distance. Learn about our services such as packing, storage, cleaning, bug remediation or piano moving. Then you’ll be able to organize a completely safe relocation!

Moving furniture in NYC can be a simple process - just call IPS NYC Movers!
Let us handle moving furniture NYC with a smile.

The most reliable experts for moving furniture NYC has

When you think you’ve come to a dead-end when trying to move furniture, take a break. Try to rethink the way you’ve approached the situation. Start looking at the bigger picture and search for alternative ways to resolve the problem in hand. Our local movers NYC can solve this problem for you in no time!

For example, if a large piece of furniture cannot fit through a doorway, we’re not going to try to force it. This needs more than just a little wiggle room and it won’t be acquired with sheer muscle strength. We are trained to avoid dangers and accidents, so instead, we’ll detach all the protruding parts. If that doesn’t work, we will have to temporarily remove the door when moving your furniture in NYC. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll finally dismantle the whole thing.

Understand right from the start that the only way to guarantee yourself a perfectly safe and smooth move is to hire specialty services. It means you’ll have professionals handling your local move. We’ll take care of packing services and carrying furniture and appliances with proper moving equipment. Reputable furniture IPS NYC Movers can provide a safe full-service relocation from packing the very first item, all the way to unboxing your last item in your new house.

Long-distance furniture moving

This safety tip goes hand in hand with the first one. Prevent mishaps when moving furniture NYC over a long distance by relying on our residential moving professionals. You can start yourself by creating more space for your furniture to pass in an unconstrained way. We need a clear path both inside and outside your property. We will be removing all possible obstacles that could come in the way. Any possible clutter could prove to bean a potential hazard. Carefulness is our middle name. We will also wrap such obstacles that need added protection from the sharp corners on your furniture.

Woman relaxing in new home
Our furniture moving NYC crew will have everything prepared and ready to go, no matter the distance.

We also never underestimate the power of proper time management. It is a big part of planning for success when moving furniture NYC even when you have our expert skills on your side. You should win as much precious time as possible by making a detailed and thorough moving checklist.

Having us on your side also means you will feel much less pressure to hurry through packing. But, just in case, we can always share our tips to help you simplify your moving process. Because we plan for your move ahead and because we can apply our years of training and experience, you can rest assured that we will perform your relocation smoothly and carefully. Even with some of your more special pieces of furniture.

Fundamental safety rules of moving

One of the most important safety rules when it comes to moving furniture (yet to be set in stone), is never to lift anything heavier than 50 pounds alone! Which means you can’t do this alone. This also goes for moving boxes. So if you own a beautiful classical instrument like a piano, know that you can rely on our piano moving services to safely transport it to your new residence. We will make sure to pad and wrap it with proper packing materials to ensure its safety during transit. Now you know that you can always go around the strict laws of physics – that are set in stoneby hiring IPS NYC piano movers. We have all the proper moving equipment for the job. Hiring pro movers with proper gear means having all the packing supplies available to you ensuring protection for your belongings.

Take advantage of our high-quality equipment for moving furniture NYC!

The ease of use, efficiency, and safety this gear provides will prove to be invaluable on moving day. The essentials consist of the dolly, the moving straps, and the quintessential moving blankets! The efficiency of the dolly is without competition when it comes to transporting bulky and heavy objects. A moving dolly together with our professional assistance will make your relocation much easier. Forget about lifting heavy furniture! Leave it to us to make your transition to your new address much smoother.

Man sitting on sofa in living room, relaxing after IPS NYC movers finished moving furniture NYC
Sit back and relax – let us take care of the rest.

The challenging task of moving is surely not a one-man affair. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a long time until the moving day to take care of everything, still, packing up your entire life will surely test your mental health and physical strength.

Hire premium moving assistance at affordable prices!

Moving heavy pieces of furniture is a team effort, and you should definitely make safety your top priority in order to prevent accidents when moving furniture NYC. The first step in doing so is contacting IPS NYC Movers and booking the best kind of moving assistance. While friends can give you emotional support during this transition, a perfectly smooth relocation will only be possible for our professional help. Our reputable and experienced movers know all the safety hacks in order to perform any kind of residential or commercial belongings.