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Leave your artwork in the capable and experienced hands of IPS NYC Movers! Our fine art movers have the manpower & equipment for a smooth relocation.
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When you’re moving, it’s always about more than the clothes in your closet or the pots and pans in your kitchen. It’s about everything you own, including the things that aren’t so easy to pack and transport. Your piano may be one example. A pool table is another such example. But perhaps the best example is your collection of fine art. Fine art always requires special care, but never more so than when it needs to be moved. So you can’t trust just anyone to do it! In the wrong hands, who knows how many pieces could be damaged or lost in the relocation? No, what you need are fine art movers NYC who will treat your collection with the care it deserves.

That is what IPS NYC Movers are here to provide. Our professional and experienced movers will make sure your art arrives in perfect condition every time!

A painting on a desk.
Your fine art deserves only the best care.

What makes moving fine art so special?

Moving fine art is quite unlike all other types of moving. That’s why most moving companies don’t include it in their moving services NYCit takes specialized and knowledgeable teams to move fine art properly. But what is it that makes moving fine art so difficult?

Let us start with the obvious: fine art is very expensive. When you spend a lot of money on something, you don’t want anything bad happening to it. Especially not when that something is unique, which all art is. So if the move goes wrong, and one of your pieces is lost or damaged, there is no way to replace it. This makes your art collection priceless to you in ways that go beyond monetary value.

For movers like us, who care about making you happy with your relocation, this means fine art must be handled with the utmost care so as to ensure that nothing happens to it and that it is delivered to you in perfect condition. But the fragility of most art, especially older pieces and sculptures, makes moving it safely a difficult task. This is why you need experts to do it.

IPS NYC Movers will take good care of your collection

When moving experts NYC are what you’re looking for, IPS NYC Movers are the solution. For years, we have provided New Yorkers with only the best moving services:

  • residential movers for your home,
  • commercial movers for your office,
  • spacious, clean and secure storage units NYC for all your belongings,
  • professional packers that make preparing for a move easy,
  • high-quality packing supplies so you don’t have to worry about finding them yourself,
  • piano movers NYC that specialize in handling your piano properly, and more.

Although we are a versatile moving company, we dedicate ourselves equally to all types of relocation to ensure that you get the best possible service regardless of the type of relocation you need help with. Our specialized teams of fine art movers NYC are the ultimate experts on moving fine art. You can, therefore, trust us to take good care of your art collection during the move!

Specialty packing for all your pieces

The first step to a safe relocation of fine art is preparing the pieces and packing them. This part is crucial to moving fine art without damaging it. This is why our expert packers NYC take it so seriously! We use only special materials suggested specifically for art handling to ensure that your paintings don’t lose any of their beauty and that your sculptures don’t arrive in pieces. This protects your art during transport.

A man holding a box packed by fine art movers NYC.
We will pack your art in the best possible way.

Secure transport anywhere you need

Packing is, of course, not enough to safely move your art collection. But there is no need to worry! Our expert fine art movers NYC will transport your priceless pieces anywhere you need using modern, specially designed moving trucks and driving with the utmost care. So you will never have to worry – we will treat your fine art right!

Our fine art movers NYC are just what you need!

Of course, when dealing with the relocation of something as valuable as fine art, you only want the best moving company NYC helping you with it. And there’s no one better than IPS NYC Movers! So what is it that sets us apart from other fine art movers NYC?

Licensed and insured professionals with years of experience

One of the most important things you should know about any moving company is whether they are licensed and insured. If you can’t get proof of license and insurance from your movers, that should be a major red flag! But with IPS NYC Movers, this is not a problem. We have always been straightforward and transparent because we have nothing to hide! There’s no risk of any kind of scam or trick when you choose our fine art movers NYC.

Fine art movers NYC that specialize in treating your art right

It’s not just anyone that can move fine art properly! Even professional movers NYC sometimes struggle. But our specialized teams are experts on fine art in particular. So you don’t need to wonder who you’re leaving your collection to – it’ll be safe in the hands of our well-trained and knowledgeable fine art movers NYC!

Sculpture of a woman's head.
Our fine art movers know how to treat fragile art right.

Reliable fine art movers NYC you can trust

It is very important that you can trust your movers. And we have worked hard to build a reputation as someone you can rely on! We will always be honest with you, respect your time and your obligations and take good care of all your belongings. You can always rely on us to be there for you throughout the relocation. Just ask any of our previous customers – they have nothing but praise for our services!

Move your art with the care it deserves from fine art movers NYC – contact IPS NYC Movers today!

The only thing that separates you from the best fine art movers NYC can offer is a couple of minutes that it takes to contact us. So don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’ll be waiting!