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Disassembling a pool table – a short guide

Having your own pool table is rather amazing for those enthusiastic about the sport. There are little things more relaxing than having a few drinks and a good game of pool with friends and family and within the comforts of your own home. However, pool tables take a lot of space and can be very demanding for maintenance. Furthermore, if you are trying to get yourself a pool table, rather than get rid of one, you will need to focus on having all the tools and knowledge needed for disassembly (and later reassembly) of the thing. For you and those with similar needs, we made this short guide on disassembling a pool table. Follow our steps and you will be done in no time!

Prepare for a safe disassembling and/or relocation

In order to be successful in your attempt to disassembling a pool table, you will need more than time, focus and a place for packing supplies NYC. You will also need good tools at your disposal.

Pool tables are not as simple as they might appear at first. They have a mechanism that has to be disassembled in the right way in order to make sure that the further functionality of the pool table is actually possible. In order to disassemble the table without forever ruining it, you will need to have screwdrivers and a lot of patience.

a handyman tools
You need to be prepared!

Furthermore, you will need a lot of patience when disassembling a pool table. In order words, there are a lot of things to take care of and you will definitely need a few hours to do it properly. There is no rushing this. Another thing that you should have at hand is, well, a helping hand. Having a friend or a family member help you will make the whole process go a lot more smoothly.

Pool tables are also rather big. They take up a lot of space, and their disassembly will require a lot of space too. Make sure you have some designated surface on which you plan on putting all the parts. Staying organized while doing a disassembly is key. That way, you are not facing a risk of losing any parts of the pool table mechanism.

Finally, make sure you are safe. Take gloves in order to protect your fingers and heavy worker shoes with toe protection for your feet. Pool tables are not light and can hurt should anything go wrong and it falls on you. Staying safe when working with any big item, pool tables included, should always be a priority.

And remember. Should you decide that you don’t want to do deal with this kind of preparation, you can always hire professionals to do it for you.

The first step in disassembling a pool table – pockets

Moving quotes NYC can be very high when you use such professional services, however, so here is how to do it yourself.

The first step in disassembling a pool table - balls of pool
Time to disassemble your pool table – where to start?

First, detach the pockets from the table. Start with the straps, and make sure you have some eye protection

Rail bolts are next

Next step in disassembling a pool table in order to move it to Astoria storage units is to remove the rail bolts. You will funder them underneath each rail. With those being loose, remove both rails and pockets.

After that, flip the table and pull apart the sections. After that, carefully and sample by sample, remove the slate bed. It should be then folded and put into water-proof packaging in order to be ready for your moving service NYC.

Dealing with the slates

All that is left for you to do know is to take the slates away by using a drill. Try to have someone help you keep the whole thing stable. After that, the frame itself should be disassembled by unbolting the legs. They are rather lightweight, and anyone that has dealt with bed frames will recognize the process. With these done, you can now move your tables to a new location from which you will be preparing for the NYC pool championship in no time!

Preparing for proper transportation

When you are done with disassembling a pool table – what to do with it now? Well, be sure to wrap individual parts into a cushioning material before moving them into boxes (for smaller ones) or securing them with tape and loading them into the truck.

Be sure that you take all the precautions necessary for when you are moving the heavier part. Never lift with your back. Rather, try doing it from the knees. As we previously stated, use all the safety equipment we recommended.

How to store them?

When storing heavy items, always make sure that they are on the bottom of a pile. Never store them above anything or they will deform the box below them. Type of storage is important, of course, as is the packing material.  Try to keep three things in mind when storing parts of a pool table.

aimingfor a ball
Want to do with your pool table after disassembly?
  • Climate controlled – After you are done with disassembling a pool table, be sure that put them into an appropriate storage unit. The best one would be climate controlled one, as that way you avoid moisture or mold running the surface of your pool table. It also helps against potential pests that could ruin the wooden parts.
  • Never on top – Never put heavy items on top of something else.
  • Packing material – Aim for plastic cushioning material and cardboard boxes for smaller parts. Secure everything with tape.

In conclusion

While playing pool is fun, pool tables are not cheap to have, and sometimes you simply have to be faced with disassembling a pool table. Be it that you are downsizing, maybe buying one and preparing it, or having it stored or sold, you need to follow the steps given. Be prepared, and have the right tools. Have friends to help you. Start step by step, making sure you do not go anywhere to fast. Removing some parts before others can produce permanent damage. Finally, be sure to store all of the parts appropriately. Best of luck!

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