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Best ways to save money on packing supplies

Like moving isn’t already difficult enough, moving on a budget may seem nearly impossible for some people. Do not worry if the money is tight because there are a lot of ways to save money when moving. One of them is to save money on packing supplies, believe it or not. Let us walk you into the world of money-saving without much effort.

Declutter first, pack later

To save money on packing supplies means you will have to pack smart and pack less. There is no need to drag with you some old stuff collecting dust in the cellar forever. The decluttering process will make things so much easier for you and the movers. Packing supplies NYC is here for the rest of them.

Clutter on the table you will have to get rid off if you want to save money on packing supplies
Declutter your home in order to save money on packing supplies

The first to go are items not used for anything, broken ones, the forgotten ones. Toss them out first. As you go through your stuff you will feel a lot. And it may feel like doing something wrong. When you are having second thoughts about an item, put it in the maybe pile. Since you will have a lot of maybes there, keep some and sell some of them. Save money on packing supplies by financing them with the money from selling some of your stuff. A garage sale is for that. You won’t feel guilty for throwing something out, because it will be useful to another human being.

Save money on packing supplies by not over purchasing

After you are done decluttering you will have a clearer picture of how much you have to pack. Estimate the number of supplies and what will you need. It’s not great if you fell short for some boxes, but over purchasing will lose you money. Piano movers NYC are here for the larger stuff. If something does happen and you buy more than you need, you can always return it and get your money back.

Improvising with what you have at home will cut the expenses by a lot. Not only will you have to pack less, but also save money by using some of your stuff as packing supplies. Get an estimate done if you are not that experienced with moving. It is easy to miss the number of supplies when you lack knowledge about moving. In that case, call some professionals, a friend or family member to help you figure it out. Besides. They might have something in their homes that you can use to save money on packing supplies.

Rent instead of buying

Instead of buying a ton of boxes you are going to throw away later, rent them instead. Spend some money you are saving on cleaning supplies and learning how to clean your new home to be spotless. You will be renting reusable plastic containers. Not only are they better for your move, but they are also better fo the planet. It is because of an infinite amount of times you can use them. Plastic containers stack one on top of the other and save space in your truck. Items packed in plastic containers are much safer than packed in cardboard boxes. To save up space and rent fewer boxes, nest smaller items into big ones. Also, when you pack your wardrobe, roll them instead of folding. This will save you a lot of space and ultimately save you money.

stockpiled plastic boxes
You can always opt to rent plastic boxes

Another great thing about renting plastic containers is that they will be delivered to your door. Contact your rental company and put it in your order. The number of boxes you requested will be delivered to your door. After you move, contact the service again to let them know your new address so they can pick up the boxes. Before you contact them though, visit your local dollar stores. You may be surprised at what you can find there!

Get your supplies for free and be creative

There are some things you will need that you can get free of charge. If renting is not an option either, there are other ways. The local stores around you, as we mentioned, have a lot of boxes. In the morning when they get their supply, the storage area is full of them. They do not need them and you do. Pop up a few days earlier to say hello and ask them to save some boxes for you. They may have some other stuff you may use like plastic and air-filled wrap. This will save you a ton of money. Look up some options about free moving boxes online.

a grocery store
Local grocery stores can give you free cardboard boxes

You may also ask your friends if they have some spare packing materials you can use. If they moved, and there were some excess supplies, there is a high probability that it’s in their garage or something. And they will probably happily give them to you to free up their space! Another system that will save money on packing supplies is to use what you have at home like:

  1. Blankets
  2. Towels
  3. Luggage and duffel bags
  4. Thrash bags
  5. Newspaper and magazines

Blankets and towels can be used to protect fragile items and divide them if necessary. Instead of transporting bags, as usual, pack your clothes, linen and whatever you can fit in there. Use newspaper as dividers when packing dishes and trashbags to hang clothes you don’t want to fold.

Know what you are paying for

If you are not moving by yourself, then there may be some additional costs you are not aware of. And you need the money for the renovation of your new residence. First off, make sure you are not being scammed by a false moving company. After you hire a good moving company, negotiate the deal. Find out if there are some additional costs for moving. Like paying extra for something difficult to move or some fees because of the floor you are on.

Moving on a budget may be a tad more complicated than moving without restrictions. But this proves that it is not impossible if you are a little creative. If you want it, we will find a way together. Good luck and have fun on this little adventure!

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