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Best time of year for bedbug remediation

We all know how pesky bedbugs can be! Whether or not we are moving out or moving into our new home, we should always take into consideration a good pest control! And bedbugs are one of the things you won’t need in your home! Although you can get rid of them whenever you want, there is still the best time of year for bedbug remediation! We did our research and find out what professional exterminators have to say! In other words, you do not have to search the web for answers when you can find them all here, in this article! Just continue reading and learn more!

Best time of year for bedbug remediation is now

One of the prejudices of getting rid of bedbugs is that there is a certain time of the year to do it! While in fact, the thing is you need to act instantly and fast! One of the best times to do it is right after you moved into your new home, and to be honest, you should start the treatment as soon as possible! These little critters are not that easy to get rid of! Although the bedbugs do not have a long lifespan, their reproductive cycle is very fast. Meaning, one little bedbug can lay over 400 eggs in her lifetime! You do realize that one bedbug can raise such a colony that can make a lot of issues for you and your family. It takes one week for the eggs to hatch and immediately the nymphs will start searching for their meals. The expected life span of the adult bed bugs is around 4-5 months, depending on various factors. This is exactly why the best time of year for bedbug remediation should be as soon as possible!

a sign that shows that the Best time of year for bedbug remediation is now
Best time of year for bedbug remediation is now

All of this can be easily avoided if you search for professional bedbug remediation services NYC! If you think about it, the best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to get the professional help that can help you deal in the best time of year for bedbug remediation!

How to recognize that you have a problem

If you suspect you have an urgent issue with the bedbugs then you should stay calm and try to figure out the source of them! Usually, their hiding places are:

  • Tiny cracks and crevices in the furniture, walls, or any other hidden place where the eggs can hatch
  • Places, where your pets are resting, are also prone to bedbug infestation! Also, if you own a big house, then the places that can be accessed by bats and birds can be infested as well!

In the case of bats and birds, you need to act as fast as you can! Only by getting rid of them can you deal with the bedbugs! Now, as we mentioned before the best time of year for bedbug remediation is now! The biggest clue that you have a bedbug infestation is the presence of blood smears. This means that the bugs have already feasted! Others are their shells and black specks (their feces). If you are dealing with a heavy infestation, we suggest you call professional help!

a crack in the wall
They usually lay eggs in the cracks and crevices

Only by having professional help can you deal with the other tasks regarding your move! And that also means moving locally! The best solution after dealing with the bedbugs is to get the best local movers NYC for your relocation!

What are the best pesticides

There are numerous products that can help you deal with the bedbugs infestation! But not all of them are government-approved! When trying to find the best chemical pesticides against bedbugs you need to check the official government website! Only by doing that can you remain certain that the pesticide you will use is not harmful to you and to the environment!

What are the treatments

The best time of year for bedbug remediation is, as we mentioned, immediately! And there are two ways you can deal with the bedbugs! The first treatment is using heat! There is equipment that will increase the temperature of your home. This will effectively kill the bedbugs! Mind, that these pests die at the temperatures of  122°F (50°C)! These are also high temperatures for humans and some items in your home! So it is a good idea to remove some items that can be damaged by heat before calling the professionals! Heat treatments are not 100% secure! Because there is a risk of getting reinfested!

a thermometer
High temperatures are deadly to bedbugs

Did you know that clutter is one of the biggest sources of bedbugs! These little pests love dirty and humid places. And the clutter makes it the best possible place for the infestation! But, you can learn how to deal with the clutter so you won’t have to bother with the bedbugs!


Using insecticides

Using chemicals as a treatment for bedbugs is the most usual way to deal with them! But, be careful and try to hire only licensed professionals! There are three ways you can get rid of them. And some of them include:

  • Insecticides that are used to fill cracks, crevices and other small places where they hide!
  • Residual Insecticides for furniture use
  • And fast-acting insecticides for places you use the most!
a living room
Residual insecticide is used for furniture

These are the most common ways to deal with the bedbugs! Especially if you are planning to move anytime soon! And after you deal with them, you can start packing your items for relocation! And what’s the better way to do it then by knowing how to efficiently pack for relocation!

As we said before, the Best time of year for bedbug remediation is acting right now! There are no seasons when you can deal with them in the most efficient way! Because the longer you wait, the bigger the infestation! Make sure to read our guidelines carefully before doing something rash!


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