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Bedbug remediation mistakes and ways to avoid them

There is nothing more refreshing than a good night of quality sleep. However, this can easily take a wrong turn if you get bedbugs! These pests are so tiny that you cannot easily see them. They hide in your mattress and then attack you when you sleep. Having bites around is bad – but getting your sleep disrupted is even worse! This is why figuring out how to control and get rid of bedbugs is a must! However, there are also make bedbug remediation mistakes that you can make while trying to do this! If you want to be on the safe side, then you need to call IPS NYC movers who offer amazing bedbug remediation services! But just to be sure, today we take a look at how to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make by yourself!

One of the biggest bedbug remediation mistakes is to do nothing!

This might seem like a no brainer, but there are many people who just don’t know what to do about their bedbugs, so they opt to do nothing. They see just a couple of them and figure that there is no hard if they survive. After all, why should you call bedbug remediation services for only a couple of bedbugs?

This is one of the biggest bedbug remediation mistakes that you can make! This is because a small number of bedbugs can become bigger in just a little time! They multiply rapidly and then their extermination becomes harder and harder. In order to get ahead of the program, make sure to get rid of the bedbugs as soon as you see them – no matter if it is one or just a couple!

Changing your bedroom is also a big no-no!

Sometimes, you might see a couple of bedbugs but you are too squeamish to do anything. Instead of contacting us, though, you opt to just change your bedroom to evade the bedbugs. They need warm blood to feed, so they will starve with you not there, right?

sleeping on the couch is one of the biggest bedbug remediation mistakes
Sleeping on the couch doesn’t help!

This is yet another of bedbug remediation mistakes and a common misconception about the pests. Yes, you are removing a food source from them – but what’s to stop them from just following you into your new bed or couch? They will easily migrate for food, and this will in turn only spread the bedbugs further throughout your living space! What’s more, bedbugs can go for months before feeding again! So, in order for them to die, you would need to completely leave your apartment for this time, which is often impossible. A much easier solution would be to call the exterminators and let us handle the problem of these pests.

Another thing that people try to do to get rid of the bedbugs and starve them out is to sleep with the lights on. After all, bedbugs feed at night! So, by turning the lights on, you will be tricking them into thinking it’s not a meal-time. Sadly, all this will do is ruin your sleep! Bedbugs don’t really need to look out the window and figure out its nighttime in order to feed. Instead, they will not be bothered by the light – that’s only for you!

Deciding to kill the bedbugs yourself – with a lot of pesticides

Yet another huge bedbug remediation mistake you can make is to get a lot of pesticides and go to fight them all by yourself. After all, we use pesticides to remove pests, so this is a logical solution. However, you need to remember that pesticides are dangerous and often poisonous. Unfortunately, people often use too many to get rid of bedbugs, because they believe that this will speed up the process.

a man in a gas mask
Pesticides can be dangerous!

This is false! Using more pesticides than required does not kill the bedbugs with haste. Instead, it can cause a contra effect – and give you health issues. Sadly, if you are faced with an infestation, the right call is finding the balance between how much pesticides you can use and how much time you can afford to get rid of them. If you are unsure about this, then the best way to solve bedbug remediation issues is to call the professionals!

Changing the temperature is another of common bedbug remediation mistakes

There are a lot of opinions that you will find online about bedbugs and how temperature can kill them. And while it is true that you can get rid of bedbugs by using heat, sadly you will never achieve the necessary heat to do so. People tend to try blasting the heat until the pests die, but thermostats in apartments and homes will not climb that high!

Instead, when dealing with bedbugs, what we use is thermal remediation treatment. With it, we bring your home over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is what goes into all the hiding places of bedbugs and kills them without damaging any items you have. However, as you probably already know, you cannot reach this heat by yourself – and that’s why you need us.

a thermostat
Your thermostat probably cannot reach that high!

Another thing that people often wrongly do is try to use cold to kill bedbugs. And while it is true that extreme cold also does the job, again, you cannot reach it in your home to kill the pests. So, leaving your home empty during the winter will not get the job done! As we mentioned, these pests can survive for months without food – and what’s more, they can also adapt to their environment!


To conclude, it is true that there are many ways to get rid of bedbugs. However, doing so by yourself is not always the best solution. Instead, to avoid bedbug remediation mistakes, your best bet will be to contact us! We can handle this issue with ease and care for you, and you can finally get a good night of sleep!

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