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Bedbug remediation issues: how to solve them?

Getting rid of bedbugs can be a huge problem. This process can take weeks even months. But do not lose hope because there is always a solution. Knowing what to look for is the key here. We are about to help you with bedbug remediation issues as much as we can.

What do they look like and how to find them

Bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed. Long and brown and look kind of awful. Depending on the age of the bedbug they can be either dark brown if old and yellowish if young. Solving bedbug remediation issues starts with finding out early before they spread. Looking for a good moving company can’t start without solving this problem.

It is important to correctly diagnose you have them A lot of insects can be misdiagnosed as bedbugs and therefore not treated properly. This way you are giving them time to spread and making it more difficult for yourself to get rid of them. Another problem is that the more time they have the more likely they are to spread to other houses around you and make some more problems.

an apple seed representing the size of bedbug and other Bedbug remediation issues
Bedbug remediation issues can be tricky to find because bedbugs are the size of apple seeds

Physical evidence of bedbugs is red stains on sheets caused bu crushed bedbugs. Also, dark spots and tiny eggshells if you don’t see the bedbugs themselves. The huge downside is that they are immune to a lot of pesticides. If you are trying to exterminate them alone without knowing what to use, chances are that you may be wrong. The only thing you will be doing is spraying poison all over without some effect on the problem you are trying to solve.


Before starting bedbug remediation issues solving, know where to find them

Treating bedbugs can be complex and depend on multiple things. Bedbugs remediation issues solving start with determining a few things:

  1. How many bedbugs are there
  2. Getting all to participate in removing them
  3. How much space is there for them to hide
  4. Whether neighbors around you have bedbugs
A cartoon bug sleeping
Figure out how many bedbugs are there

You can find them in all sorts of places. Chairs, couches, cushions, drawers, appliances, under wallpaper and wall hangings.  They are really small and they can squeeze anywhere. Do not just look around places we just wrote, literally look everywhere. It is important to include your family and neighbors in the process. All of the areas needs to be clean of bedbugs or they will come back. Be as thorough with your cleaning and extermination as well you are when packing for a move.

Bedbug remediation issues solving with heat and other methods

Bedbugs can survive in temperatures as low as 46° F, but if they reach a temperature of 113°F they will be gone. This is good news because this means bedbug remediation issues can be solved with heat. The room needs to be even hotter than their extermination point. This will ensure the heat reaches all the hidden places they may be hiding in. There are some other bedbugs that are different than the common once and require even more heat distributed.\

Steam treatment, also kind of a heat one, is used to exterminate bedbugs as well. This treatment does not work well with everything. It can be used on things such as bed frames, curtains, and blankets but not hard to reach places.

If you have a drying machine you are in luck. The washing and drying cycle will kill bedbugs. We recommend you dry your smaller belongings in high heat for about half an hour. Of course, only the thing that is actually made for drying machines. After the treatment keep those clean things away from places you have not cleaned yet. It is just so much you can do alone. Call bedbug exterminators to help you with your problem.

You can actually kill them with cold temperatures as well.  Temperatures below −16 °C for longer periods of time can be used as a method of decontamination. Most home freezers can be at this temperature and help you get rid of them.

Silica gel, yes the one stuffed in shoes, can be used to treat this problem. It works better than some poisonous stuff. The downside of it is that it can take weeks to solve the problem. Silica gel works best when mixed with water and sprayed.

Prevent bedbug remediation issues before it happens

If you are one of the people who look after our planet and buy second-hand stuff, you are in a bit of danger here. Second-hand furniture is almost never checked for bedbugs and other creatures before being moved int the apartment. Be sure to look at all the parts of furniture or other items you have purchased.

Move in and move out cleaning services NYC are also very important. Do not clutter your home and pile up unnecessary stuff and garbage. When you clean and vacuum your home make sure to reach every corner of it so you won’t give them an opportunity to appear.

Cluttered room
Bedbugs love the clutter

If you suspect you have bedbug remediation issues you need to control their movement. Block all the holes leading out of a room you think they are in. As we said, apply heat treatment and wash and dry on high temperatures everything you can. But it is always a smart move to call professionals if you determent you have them.  Learn about bedbugs and how to defeat them on your own,  but do not hesitate to call a professional if needed.

Bedbugs can be one hell of a struggle. Not only do you need to exterminate them you need to get everyone on board with it. And we do not mean just your family. We also mean your neighbors. So make some cookies and present the problem to them over some coffee at your place or theirs. They will surely be interested in solving the issue and preventing it from spreading. Bedbug remediation issues can be solved with the help of friends, family neighbors, professionals and us! we hope you get them all out soon enough!

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