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5 traits of reliable NYC moving companies

In the pool of many moving companies, not all are those you can rely on. Unfortunately, there are a lot of frauds out there, so be careful. The last thing you want when moving is to get tricked or robbed by someone. As all ordinary people, you want someone you can trust your things with. This article intends to help you in differentiating reliable NYC moving companies from those that aren’t. A perfect example of a trustworthy company is Rego Park movers, but let’s try and focus on the general qualities of all the moving companies. After you read this text, we want you to be able to recognize good movers from the bad ones.

How to find reliable NYC moving companies?

First of all, you need to know where to look and what to look for. Here, the internet will be your best friend. You can start writing down or even better, paste some names into the Excel file. This will leave space for comments or reviews you’ll find online. A good example of reliability is moving companies Queens NY. You can surely get recommendations on reliable NYC moving companies from your friends. Even then, you need to check what reviews they have. It does not necessarily mean you will be fine with their policy if your friend did. You know that they say, someone’s treasure is someone else’s garbage and vice versa.

Man looking for reliable NYC moving companies
Browse through the internet to find all you need to know about your potential movers

Recognizing the traits of dependable NYC moving companies

There are a lot of qualities or traits you should look for in a moving company. There are slim chances you will find everything in one. At the end of the day, you will probably need to compromise. Of all the main qualities we will name the important five. This will provide you with basic guidance. We believe you’ll be able to go from there alone. Just consult the internet and the Better Business Bureau website. There you will check the legitimacy of the company you are considering to hire.

Top 5 qualities you should look for in movers

1. License – the essential quality reliable NYC moving companies should have

This is definitely where you need to start. As mentioned before, you can use legitimate websites for useful information. Search for the NYC moving company you have in mind. If it does not come up as registered and licensed, no need to look further. Anyone who does not have a license to work is no friend of yours. Since it is your money you intend to pay the reliable NYC movers with, it is your call when it comes to choosing. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the company you hired.

2. Insurance as a deal-breaker

This is also a major deal when looking for dependable NYC movers. If a company does not offer insurance within their contract, it is definitely a deal-breaker. You might be asking yourself what can happen on the way from your old to a new home that would require insurance? Trust us, a lot of things can go wrong. First of all, you want to protect the things you are moving to your new home. For example, if you are transporting a flat-screen TV, you want it to arrive in one piece, right? If you own some sculptures, antiques, paintings, you must ask for separate insurance on those items. The reason for this is that they are of higher value than other stuff, like clothes and furniture. But even if you own nothing expensive or of high value, you should ask for insurance in case something gets lost or damaged.

Aluminium can with Band-aid sign on it
Make sure to ask for insurance in case of any loss or damage

3. Vehicle variety is a must

Due to the different kinds of things you are transporting during the move, the vehicle plays an important role. The company you plan to hire must have several types of vehicles in their depot. Because people not only move locally, reliable moving companies from NYC must be prepared to offer long massive trucks. These are essential for long-distance moves. Similarly, movers should have climate-controlled vehicles, in case you are moving something temperature-sensitive. Finally, trucks must be in good shape and have clear evidence that they have been maintained regularly.

A van in transit
Vehicle variety is a must, from vans to trucks

4. End-to-end service goes a long way

Almost all reliable moving companies will have full, end-to-end service offered. Even so, you must check or ask directly if that information is not transparent enough. What we mean by this is movers offering in their service everything you need. From planning, packing, and loading the truck, to unloading, unpacking, and advising on how to pick the right size storage unit. Some of the mentioned services can be charged additionally, in case you need them. This is completely legitimate as long as it is transparent enough. After all, movers are there to offer everything in their power, and you should decide what you want based on your financial situation.

5. Years of experience and polite workers make NYC moving companies reliable

It is important that you read online reviews because they are a good indicator of someone’s dependability. You will easily spot the companies that are on the market for years. They will probably have the greatest number of good ratings. Although existing for many years, you still need to check the above-mentioned qualities before making a decision. Movers’ employees are the face of the company, and they also matter. If a certain company had great reviews about their employees being on time, and professional about every aspect, they should be on your list of potential movers.

Wrapping it up

As already mentioned the traits we elaborated on are only some aspects you should consider. We feel that the above-listed ones are the most important and should not be considered separately from the others. Other than relying on recommendations and internet search, you should trust your gut. Human instincts are rarely wrong, so turn it on for this purpose, and be careful not to get tricked or overridden in any way.

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