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5 Things your movers want you to know

There are some things your movers want you to know about your moving day to make it easier. Knowing how the moving industry work and what can you do to make the most out of it is important. Also, it is beneficial to all parties involved in your moving process. So let us see what is there to do and learn so your relocation can go smoothly.

Trust your movers

When it comes to relocation, this is their territory. A lot of people are concerned about how their stuff is being handled. These are trained professionals and they are best in what they do. First, of the things, your movers want you to know is that your items are safe and sound. There is no need for you to get in the way always double-checking. If this is your first time moving with a moving company we understand why you might be scared.

But there is no need for that if you have hired a reputable moving company like Rego Park movers. Just do your research before hiring a specific company and the rest is not yours to worry about. Just because it goes a lot faster with them there it does not mean your items are being mistreated. Movers are professionals who do this every day. That is why they can pack your house in half the time it would usually take. It also might be a bad idea to vanish from your home with them working. If you have some other matters o attend to, make sure some other family member is in the house.

Prepare your house before movers arrive

Before your moving company knocks at your door, it is a good idea to prepare your home for them. Free up your driveway so the is space for the truck. It is a waste of time for them to park far away from your home. Living in a building means you will need to reserve the elevator for the time of your move. Moving on to the inside of your home is equally important.

a free driveway as one of the Things your movers want you to know
Things your movers want you to know includes having a free driveway

Make sure you put aside all the things from the path they are going to take. If you need to use Astoria storage units for excess stuff. Provide plenty of space for them in every room. Removing your doors might be one of the things your movers want you to know. That can free up a lot of space especially in a small room. Prevent property damage before your movers arrive. Cover your floors and walls so they do not damage while moving bulky items out of the home. By this time you should remove all paintings, mirrors, and other wall art you might have hanging.

Do not be shy to ask what you want

Communication is the key in every relationship even a business one like this. One of the most important things your movers want you to know is to always speak your mind:

  1. Tell them your preferred way to access your home
  2. What you want to be treated with extra care
  3. Your preferred level of coverage
  4. Additional services
a sign that says fragile
it is OK to tell your movers what items require special care

Speaking your mind is especially important if this is your first time hiring movers. Do not be shy to ask around and let then know if you are satisfied. Everything you might have on your mind that is not in the contract should be mentioned to them The sooner the better for everyone.

Take your valuables with you

If you have a lot of jewelry and other pricy items make sure you take them with you. It is a huge bummer for your movers having to deal with the burden of very valuable items. It might only slow them down. Look up online about jewelry bags for transport.  So take that off of their hands and make sure they are in your essential moving bag.

The same goes if you have any medication. Your essential bag should hold that as well. In the end, you will feel safer as well about having your valuables at your side. So it is a win-win situation and one of the most important things your movers want you to know.

Things your movers want you to know – preparation

Moving is a hectic time and you will always have a feeling you’re missing something. But bear in mind to do what is most important. Pack before movers come knocking at your door. This is the best way to ensure a smooth and time-efficient move. You will be ready to go the second they get to your home. If you did not manage packing by the time movers arrive you will be paying extra. They will have to wait before you finish and that is a hassle for all involved.

cardboard boxes
If you want to speed up the moving process simply pack whatever you can by yourself

Another reason it is important to be packed is because of labeling. You will have no time to label boxes with the content or the origin room. That is super important if you do not want the hassle when unpacking. Learn how to make a complete list of your property before you start packing. Also, if some of the boxes hold fragile items, movers must know that. So for your benefit and the movers as well, make sure you pack on time. Start the day early and get it done. You will save your time, money, and unnecessary anxiety on your moving day. Aside from packing on time, how you back is on our list of things your movers want you to know. Propper packing will save you the hassle of stuff breaking in transport. Your movers will notice if the packing isn’t done as it should. Then you will have to repack and that is also a waste of time.

These are the things your movers want you to know to make your moving day easier. And who would not want a smooth fast relocation with none of the bad sides? Make sure you inform yourself and get to work before movers come to ensure your day is stress-free.

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