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5 mistakes to avoid when moving fine art

If you have decided to move in the near future then you should already know how you want to pack your items. Regular items do not require some special handling or any other approach. But, if you have some fine art you want to bring with yourself then you need to read this article. We thought about the difficulties of this moving process, so we wrote about 5 mistakes to avoid when moving fine art and how to solve them! This way you will know for certain your art will be transported safely! Continue reading and learn more about it!

One of the mistakes to avoid when moving fine art is not having a plan

Moving fine art is a very delicate task, and you need to plan it ahead! Unlike other items in your household, this requires a good plan and a steady hand! And because of that, it is imperative that you start with preparations on time. This means you will have to plan everything and have in mind that you can’t hire regular moving companies. If you are transporting high-value art, then you need to get experts in art moving! That way you will know they will handle your art pieces with the utmost care and proper protection. With reliable and professional art movers, you can rest assured that your art will be transported in the best crates and boxes that you can think of. All you have to do is look for fine art movers NYC and you will be on your way!

A man making a plan as one of the mistakes to avoid when moving fine art
Not having a plan is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving fine art

A lot of people make a huge mistake when they hire a moving company without any experience in art moving! This is a certain way to a disaster and it can cost you a lot more! Don’t think just because they are offering you a cheaper deal, they can do the job correctly! Fine art movers are experienced and professional! This is just one of the mistakes to avoid when moving fine art!

Not having proper packing materials

If you have opted to pack and move your fine art by yourself then you should think about proper packing materials! When you are about to pack fine art for transport you need to have all the materials needed for their safe transportation. Let’s start with the simple things! Like, first figure out what kind of art pieces you are transporting. There are different packing techniques when transporting paintings, sculptures, vases, etc. Once you figure that out it is time to gather all the packing materials needed. Now, when it comes to sculptures and vases, you should always have good padding and wrapping materials. That includes blankets, towels, old newspapers, packing hay, packing peanuts and air-filled wraps. These are perfect solutions if you wish to maintain your items in their top condition. Preparing paintings for relocations is something completely different. You will have to get a special kind of packing paper that will protect the painting from humidity and the sun’s rays during transportation! This is one of the most common mistakes to avoid when moving fine art!

But, there are other options you can choose from in order to pack and move your fine art! If you opt to hire good moving companies Queens has to offer, then you will for sure leave3 your art in the capable hands of good movers! Also, they will surely have all the proper packing materials you will need for your relocation!

Not taking care of your art before moving

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving fine art by far is not taking care of your fine art! We know why we are saying this! It is because, if you haven’t taken good care of your artwork it will be really hard to pack and move them to another location. If they are in really bad condition then you will have to double the efforts needed to pack and transport them. This will lead only to more expenses and a higher probability of damages. There are ways to take care of art pieces you should know more about! And you can find more about them by simply reading it online!

a person painting glass
Take good care of your artwork before packing them

Not getting proper boxes and crates

Nex on our list of the fine art moving mistakes you need to avoid is the issue with the moving boxes. You can’t pack your artwork in regular boxes because they will provide zero to none protection to them. Eventually, you will realize that you have to get proper wooden or plastic crates that can properly protect them during transportation! Especially if you are moving some very expensive art pieces to another location. This can prove to be very efficient if you are planning a long-distance relocation! Since there are many things that can go wrong, it is for the best to know your artwork is in good boxes and crates!

Now, when you get proper moving crates you should always remember to label them! It will give you and your movers the proper idea on what the crates contain so they won’t mixe them up with other items. There are good reasons why labeling moving boxes is a good idea you can know more about!

Always pack them last

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving fine art is that they pack them first instead of last This means you will put them in the moving van or a truck and just toss other boxes on top of them. To avoid that, simply chose to pack your fine art last and fit them the best way you can in the remaining free space of the van! That way you will know nothing will fall down on them and damaged them as well! It also doesn’t hurt to know more about the tips and tricks of the fine art relocation process!

a hallway and some paintings
To avoid any damages, pack your artwork last

These are the most important 5 mistakes to avoid when moving fine art you have to know before moving! They are one of the biggest reasons why people end up with damaged artwork during the moving process! We hope our article gave you enough insight into this particular part of the relocation!

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