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5 facts about Forest Hills you should know

Are you planning to move to Forest Hills soon? Well, you will find out that these facts about Forest Hills you should know will help you a lot with your relocation. There are many interesting things you can learn about this residential neighborhood. It is in a central part of Queens and it carries a nickname “Whitepot”.  With all the interesting things you can learn about them, we will tell you only the most important. From education, safety, neighborhood, and other facts! All you have to do is to continue reading this article and learn more!

Demographic facts about Forest Hills you should know

According to the latest information from the Census, the population of Forest Hills revolves around 87,000 people. Which can be considered a small town. When it comes to ethnicity the majority of the population is white, consisting of 59%. IT is followed by Native Americans with 25% and the rest. One of the interesting facts about Forest Hills you should know is that life expectancy is higher than the NYC! This means that this peaceful place is a great neighborhood to live in! Although most of the people are middle-aged and elderly, there are a lot of young people as well.  This means that age diversity is quite good here! Another interesting fact about this place is the median household income. It goes around $75K. One thing you should remember when moving here is that rent can be a bit high!

A mixed couple that is happy is one of the facts about Forest Hills you should know
One of the facts about Forest Hills you should know is that people are generally happy living here

With all this information at your side, you can get to planning your move. Especially if you are moving locally within Forest Hills. While you are looking for a better place and a better job you can leave everything to the capable hands of  Forest Hills moving company!  This is the only way you can focus entirely on your next life goals!

Forest Hills education

Did you know that Forest Hills has a higher percentage of people who graduated from college than the rest than the cities in its vicinity? Over 60% of the residents have a college diploma and are working in their respective fields. Mathematics seems to be the specialty of the students living here since over 60% of students excel in it! The elementary schools can brag about low absent from their students! It is significantly lower than the rest of New York City, which means a lot! Only around 10% of the students missed their school because of some health issues or other major reasons. This means that the place invests heavily in the quality of education and the tutors working there!

if you are moving here to further your education, then you should hire reliable IPS NYC Movers! We all know how stressful studies can be, so why bother yourself even more with it! This way you can rely on some professional help and focus on your studies more!

Outdoor activities in Forest Hills

Maybe you didn’t know this, but next to Forest Hills lie two largest parks in Queens. They are Flushing Meadows – Corona Park and the beautiful Forest Park! There are a lot of other smaller parks where you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Such as some regular hiking, sports of all sorts, picnics, driving your bike, etc. Whatever you need, you can bet that you can do it in these parks! These wonderful places are the go-to places of the residents who are looking for a place to rest! And they are perfect when you want to spend that lazy afternoon or a good weekend. One of the most interesting facts about Forest Hills you should know is that people here do enjoy picnics! This is why you can learn how to make a good picnic meal and just go and enjoy the day in the park!

a bench in a park
You can enjoy a lot of parks here

Forest Hills public transportation

You will be happy to know that Forest Hills is served by 9 bus lines that are precise and operate well! It is all backed up with good subway lines. If you need to get somewhere fast you can always take some of these lines. And we all know how important it is to have good public transportation. This may come to you as a shock but good public transportation is one of the interesting facts about Forest Hills you should know! When you are planning to move or already living, you can plan your daily travel with ease. Knowing that you will most certainly have a quick and precise public transportation waiting for you!

a subway escalator
Subway is very good in Forest Hills

Alghtou public transportation in Forest Hills can be tricky to understand in those first couple of days after the move, it is not impossible. You can just mark it down as one of the to-do things after the moving is done! It will make your new life a lot easier if you learn more about it!

Safety in Forest Hills

One of the most important facts you need to know about is safety in Forest Hills! The main reason why this place is one of the safest places is that it is a suburb within a city! Over the years, many famous people were born here. And in return, they invested a lot of their finances in this place. Opening new jobs, places to live and work, as well as other companies here. Which will surely attract people who are eager to work and strive for better things in life! These people know how to handle their jobs and finances. ANd one of their main traits is knowing how not to break a moving budget when relocating! Only that they know how to balance their money and work their way up in life!

These are what we consider to be the top 5 facts about Forest Hills you should know! There are many others, but it would simply take to long to write about them! If you want to add something to this list, feel free to leave a comment!

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