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4 questions you should always ask your movers

If you’ve never moved before, odds are that your first relocation will bring up a lot of questions for you. And even if you have moved before, you might still find yourself wondering about some things. That’s a good thing actually: the more you know about moving, the easier and less stressful it’ll be! So ask the questions you have – someone in your friends and family group must have moved and will have the answers. Or just look things up on the internet! It won’t take much to learn how to find the best New York movers, what types of supplies you need and more. But there are also certain questions you should always ask your movers, no matter how many times you’ve already moved. These are the questions that relate specifically to their services and they can make or break your move!

The 4 most important questions you should always ask your movers

Every time you move, you’ll need to hire movers. And every time you hire movers, you’ll need to learn more about them before you commit to working with them. Which movers you choose is a big decision, after all. Choosing wrong could land you in some trouble as you might end up falling for a moving scam. So it’s important to know as much about the moving companies you’re considering as possible – that way you can make a good and informed decision.

Two women talking about the questions you should always ask your movers.
Talk to your movers and ask them everything you want to know.

You’ll probably have tons of questions for your potential movers. You might want to ask how long they’ve been in the business for if they provide packing supplies NYC along with their packing services, whether they’re available on your moving date. These are all relevant questions that can help you choose your movers and prepare for a relocation. But some questions are still more important than others. The most important questions are the ones you can’t skip. So here’s what you should always ask your moving company:

1: Ask if they have experience with the type of move they’ll be conducting for you

The experience your movers have in the business is always relevant to your relocation. You want to hire people who know what they’re doing – that’s the whole point of hiring professionals. This isn’t to say that you can’t end up with a great relocation even if you hire relative newcomers: even if the moving company itself hasn’t been in the business for decades, they might employ experienced movers who can provide you with the perfect relocation. But the opposite is also true: even if a company has been in the business for years, they might never have done the exact type of relocation you’re planning and may therefore not be suitable for you.

Open-plan office.
Moving an office is different from moving a home: make sure your movers know both!

This is why you should always talk to your movers about their experience with your specific type of move. If you’re moving a big office, for example, and plan on relocating a lot of computers and other IT equipment, ask your commercial movers NY if they’ve ever done something similar and how it went. While every relocation is different, similar experiences in the past will have prepared your movers to better handle this type of relocation. If they’ve only ever moved industrial warehouses, they might not know what they’re doing with your office. So don’t just rely on general information about the company – talk to your movers about the details!

2: Inquire about the type of insurance coverage they provide

It’s entirely possible that your relocation will go smoothly and everything will be perfect. However, you cannot simply accept that as fact. Even if you and your movers do everything right, things happen. This means that sometimes your stuff might get lost or damaged. While this is a fact you must accept, there are still things you can do to deal with it, things like getting moving insurance. So ask your movers about the type of coverage they provide. Released value protection is offered by all moving companies. But that is a very basic type of coverage where the company assumes liability for 60 cents per pound per article. So if you want to be on the safe side, ask your movers about full value protection and how much it’d cost.

3: Inform yourself about the kind of estimate your movers offer

It is very important to obtain several moving quotes NYC when you’re deciding on the right moving company for you. That way you can compare them to find the most cost-effective movers. But it’s also important to remember that there are different types of moving estimates:

  • non-binding estimates are no certainty – your bill could end up lower or higher in the end
  • binding estimates provide you with the exact price and leave no surprises
  • binding not to exceed estimates give you the highest number you can pay but allow for lower prices as well

It is in your best interest to get either a binding or a binding not to exceed the estimate. So you have to know what kind your movers are offering and whether they can accommodate a change in case they don’t offer the kind of quote you want.

Person signing a contract.
Before you sign a moving contract, make sure you know what you’re really signing.

4: Find out more about the company’s license

Reliable and reputable movers are always licensed. Even though only interstate movers are required by federal law to receive a license from the FMCSA to operate legally, many of the best local moving companies obtain federal licenses as well and some states require local movers to be licensed federally. Those movers that don’t cross state lines are usually licensed by the state they operate in. Either way, legitimate moving companies must have some type of license. Ask your movers to show you theirs. Then verify their information yourself online just in case!

Other questions you should always ask your movers

Here are some more things you’ll want to ask your movers:

  • how long will the move take?
  • how can you get in touch with your movers?
  • what are the policies in cases of delays, damage, lost items?
  • are there any subcontractors you should be aware of?
  • are there any additional charges you should know in advance?
  • what specifically is included in each service you’re paying for?
  • are there any restrictions you need to know about?
  • what is the cancellation and refunds policy?

All of these and more are important questions you should always ask your movers. And a moving company that cares about its customers will be happy to answer them for you. So don’t be afraid to talk to your movers about anything you want to know about them. Their answers and attitude will help you decide on what is best for your relocation and that’s what’s most important.

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