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4 mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture

Are you worried about your moving prospects? Does the thought of moving your furniture make you anxious? Sadly, a lot of people try moving by themselves. This, in turn, raises the chances of mistakes happening during the transportation process. And due to mistakes, you can damage or lose your items. In the end, using IPS NYC Movers will cost much less than a DIY move! However, even with professionals by your side, you should still know some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture. In this article, we take a look at the four biggest ones, and how you can avoid them!

1. Damaging items are probably the biggest fall mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture

One of the most common things people do wrong when moving their items is to damage them. Damages can hurt your budget quite a lot! You might have to repair your item or replace it completely. This is why moving furniture NYC requires some careful planning and thought.

First, you will want to carefully plan every single step you will take on the moving day. From how you will lift an item to what door you are going to take – you need to know exactly what’s going to be happening at each step. This will also mean you will be clearing out a path for you and the workers to cross.

a blueprint
Plan how and where you will transport your furniture to keep it from damages.

Sometimes, however, you will not be able to carry a piece of furniture out of the door. In these cases, you will need to disassemble your items. As a matter of fact, disassembling items might be one of the best things you can do to secure them. This makes it easier to carry, as well as to pack. When you have an item in pieces, you can easily wrap each one in protective plastic, blankets and other packing supplies NYC – a thing you cannot do when it’s in one piece. So, by spending a little time on disassembling and assembling items, you will be sure you are not making one of the worst mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture.

Finally, you should also think about using professional moving equipment. A moving company can offer you many dollies, ramps, and similar equipment. These make life easier – so look into them when planning your move.

2. Don’t try to lift heavy items by yourself

Another one of the common mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture is trying to lift heavy items by yourself. Never attempt to do this! Instead, you will need to examine different ways to move heavy furniture – whether with help or with professional equipment. There are so many things that can go awry during this time!

a couch
Be careful when lifting heavy items, because the damages can be catastrophic!

First – and most important – you or your friends can injure yourselves trying to move a heavy item. You need a proper technique for this. Words “lift with knees, not with your back” come into mind. This means that you will want to keep your back as fixed as possible instead of bending it. Meanwhile, you should bend down and stand up again only by bending your knees. Then, you want to keep an item as close to your body as possible. This will balance you and keep it near the center of your mass.

Secondly, you can damage the item itself – or things around it. If you do not coordinate well, you can chip a piece of the wall or drop your heavy item onto the floor – damaging it in this way. You can also step on other items – or drop your item on them, too. To avoid this mistake, make sure you are using professional moving services NYC during your move! We will know exactly how to handle each item for maximum safety!

3. Not packing your items is yet another of the mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture

A lot of people do not want to spend their time or money on packing. It takes a while to prepare and complete – some experts recommend as much as two months for the whole thing! However, packing is extremely important during a move. It ensures the safety of your items – as well as everyone involved.

bubble pack
Finding the right packing materials can sometimes take a lot of time.

However, people usually do not have time for this. They are either rushing with other moving chores or just do not know how to properly pack their belongings. In these cases, getting packing services NYC is godsent! We can handle this process for you, while you can focus on figuring out other logistics difficulties of your move. This way, your items will be ready to go in no time!

4. Never forget about your essentials

We have already mentioned – quite a few times – just how busy and chaotic a moving process can be. The same can apply to the moving day, really. You can think of it as a culmination of the whole process – the day when all your plans finally come to be! This is why it can be pretty easy to forget something in all this chaos!

The worst thing to forget would be some essentials! And this is why one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving your furniture is not packing your essentials bag. All you need to do is grab a bag or a suitcase, and prepare it as if you would stay in a motel for a few days. Get a couple of changes of clothes, a bag with hygienic products and similar items – basically things you cannot live without. This way, even if your movers a bit late with your stuff, you will be ready for it!

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