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3 Quick Tips for Packing Liquids

Packing is often the most difficult and longest task that every person needs to deal with when moving house. You need to carefully consider just what you are packing, measure everything up with the moving supplies you are using, and then pack everything safely. This can take time – often weeks. And thus, many people decide to call affordable moving companies NYC to help! And this is a fine choice – after all, the professional movers will have a lot more experience than you with packing items. However, even then, it will fall down to you to pack certain things – an essentials box, plants and other perishables – and liquids. These are the items your movers often won’t move, so it’s your task to deal with. But worry bot – we will still help! In this article, learn 3 quick tips for packing liquids safely and with ease!

Carefully consider what you are packing

One of the best tips that we can give you is to carefully take your inventory and think about everything that you want to pack. This holds true in all moving cases – whether you are using residential or office movers NYC. When you are packing liquids, though, you need to take into account that they can cause terrible damage to your furniture. Water, for example, can destroy the cardboard boxes, cause them to break – and with them, everything you have within the boxes.

our tips for packing liquid include using pencil and paper to create an inventory
Create an inventory of all your liquids before you proceed to pack them.

This is why the first step to packing liquids is to know exactly what you are packing. This will then inform your decision on what to use to pack liquids, as well as how much packing material you will need. Of course, you also need to keep in mind that you might not even be able to transport the liquids in the truck – therefore, having to plan the room in your car. This always includes corrosive, flammable and explosive liquids, but it differs from a truck to truck – even the rental ones! Make sure you read up on the rules before you delve into the tips for packing liquids.

What can also help you in this task is the idea of packing up all your liquids together. This way, you can keep everything contained. If they are all at the same place, then the chances of something breaking open are lower. Of course, you will want to divide them up by category. That is, keep your toiletries and cosmetics in one box, the kitchen oils, and sauce in the next, cleaning products in the third one and so on.

One of the best tips for packing liquids is to minimize your work

This is some really simple math – the less you pack, the lower the chances of something going awry. So, before you start planning your summer NYC move, try to get rid of as many liquids as you can. Start with the hazardous liquids. These are the most dangerous, so avoiding them is always a smart choice. Then, proceed to those that you simply don’t use. If there is a bottle of perfume you haven’t used in a while or a cleaner you cannot stand the smell of, don’t be scared to throw these away.

Sometimes, you might be unsure about what to level behind. Luckily, there are questions you can answer that help. Think about when you have used it last. If it was not in the past six months, can the liquid. Also, check the expiry date, and remove liquids accordingly. The state of the container will also help. If it is damaged or is almost empty, throw it away! There is no need to keep the things you cannot use right!

recycling bag
Don’t forget to keep your planet safe!

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to recycle these correctly. However, there are some liquids that you might be able to donate, too! Personal care items that you didn’t use are perfect for shelters, for example. For those you cannot donate – if they are not hazardous – then just dump the liquid and rinse out the container. Afterward, you can put it in the appropriate trash bin. For hazardous waste, make sure you read the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s pamphlet.

How to correctly pack the liquids

Finally, after you have sorted everything out, it’s time to delve into the “actual” tips for packing liquids. That is, it’s time to look at exactly how to secure your liquids for the trip. And while there are many ways to pack them, there is only one that’s foolproof! First, gather up the plastic wrap, packing tape, and garbage bags. Then, just follow through these steps of each of the containers you have – rinse and repeat!

For starters, you will want to secure the opening of each container. You will do so by removing the top of the container, placing some plastic wrap over it, and then return the top back. Ensure you are screwing it tightly so that some plastic is sticking out below. This adds another layer of protection to the container. Then, wrap the top from the outside as well. Use the plastic wrap to create a double barrier around it and firmly secure it with plastic tape. You can even use rubber bands if you do not have the tape! This way, you have a secure container with liquid.

plastic bins
Try to use plastic bins when you can.

Then, we are moving to the tips for packing liquids into the box. You will want to line the box with plastic bags if you are using cardboard. This way, even if something were to break, you will save the cardboard. Still, we recommend you use plastic boxes – talk to your plastic supplies provider about them. Then you will want to place a garbage bag in the box and put the containers in it so that the opening is facing up. Secure the bag and the box – and you are ready for the move!

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